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341 When you send a long heartfelt message to somebody and they respond with "Lol or k"...

I was in a relationship where it was a really bad time and I literally made this essay of what I thought was wrong and how we can fix because she ASKED me what I thought, and she just responded saying "laugh out loud, whatever"...the next message was a fit of rage from me and then me dumping her, then she acted like she did nothing wrong... *eye twitch*"

342 String cheese that doesn't string

I hate people that don't tell the truth in advertising just to annoy people and they get more money. Stop It!

343 People using their smartphones when they are not alone

I'm about to place a phone "box" by my front entrance hallway for visitors to place their devices while in my company. I am also thinking of enforcing the "whoever looks at their phone first pays for the tab" rule when going out with friends. I find people constantly looking at their phones to be rude... Don't do it!

344 Standing still on an escalator

In train stations where it says "stand to the right and no luggage" you get some idiot who stands on the left with a big suitcase, you was changing trains the first one was late, you get a blocked by said idiot and you miss your connecting train.

On escalators that are too narrow to allow people to pass someone, and if there is someone behind you, move your legs and get there faster! It is not a ride. Think of someone other than yourself.

Escalators were actually made to stand still on. If you really want to walk take the stairs.

345 Selfish gym etiquette
346 When you have a complaint or are getting mad and all people say is "it's ok"
347 Miley Cyrus

Should be removed from society. Such trash!

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348 People who constantly talk about money V 1 Comment
349 Stepping on clean floors
350 A dirty car interior
351 Using the Word "Retarded" as an Insult or Derogotory Term V 3 Comments
352 People in a Public Restroom Grunting and/or Sighing Loudly

Boyfriends who call me when they are sitting in the stall and then make comments about the guy next to him..."Dang! That dude's butt is really talking to him! ".

Also when people ask if some one they know is in the stall next to them:

Men's room

Herp Derp: Derpson, are you in there?
Derp: (You don't say face) No, I'm down the potty. - mayamanga

353 People who interrupt and talk over you

This peeve is at 250? I can hardly believe it! Even if someone is hard of hearing they can certainly see your lips are still moving. It is especially difficult for me because I have trouble concentrating, so when I'm interrupted I am unable to finish my thought.

How about the people who use "he said" "she said" so much they never get to the point.

This is one of my big pet peeves my parents do this to me all the time.

354 Youtube Comments That Are Nothing But a Quote From the Video
355 When people say, "I don't see color."

If you don't "see" a person's color, you're missing a large part of who that person is, their culture, etc. People are proud of being black, Hispanic or Japanese, for example. While it's not their sole identity, it's an important part of who they are and should be "seen".

356 Using the word "loose" when they mean "lose"

I am "loosing" my mind? NOO! But I am about to "lose" my mind if I I see "loose" for "lose" one more time!

Loose is an adjective. Lose is a verb. - madoog

357 When people make a big deal when they want attention

Not everything is about you people! There are living breathing citizens with problem's bigger than yours around you.

358 People who are SOOO spoiled and they think they are the boss of you even though they are not

This perfectly describes my younger sister and someone in my class - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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359 Nail biting

It's fine, honestly. You're hungry, you have nothing else to eat, so you eat your nails (or spit them out again for someone else to pick up).
But why do I have to hear it? People hate loud eaters, so how do nails not apply? Am I the only one in the world who hates this?

Nail biting is bad. A piece of your nail could get stuck between your teeth. - madoog

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360 When people write the same thing twice on TheTopTens
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