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361 Tiny dogs in the large dog park

For another peeve to vote for

362 People that have no indoor voice
363 A dork that thinks they are cool V 1 Comment
364 People that put an "S" on the end of a word that is singular not plural

Such as, "That is mines." Instead of, "that is mine." Another is "How is your moms? " Instead of "how is your mom? "

365 Hearing People Scratching Their Scalps
366 People at the front of the line who start a conversation with the cashier
367 People who don't flush the toilet in public bathrooms

Its disgusting, flush the damn toilet, you can't be too lazy to do something so simple

It is extremely disgusting and lazy. Nobody wants to see your piss and poop. Flush the toilet! It is simple. - madoog

V 1 Comment
368 Videos that promote themselves as having gone viral

Or who mutilate the spelling of a normal name but to ensure misspellings and gender assumption errors: Kriss, Zackarie, etc.

369 People who lie about every little thing V 1 Comment
370 Being interrupted

I'm in the middle of an online game that I CAN'T PAUSE, I'm singing a song right now, DON'T RUIN THE MOMENT! - iRocketGamer52

371 People who ask the same question over and over

Even after I just told them the answer, they ask again.

By the 26th time I tell them, they should remember.

372 Slow people

Slow people? Do you mean slow drivers, slow eaters, slow workers, slow pilots, slow walkers, or just slow people in general

373 People with poor grammar

It gets on my nerves! People should go back to literature if they pronounce things wrong!

374 People who think they're "all that"

Ugh I hate those people!

375 Using the term, Unleaded Regular Gasoline
376 People who try to cut in line
377 Rumors
378 When someone gets mad at you for something yet if they did it, it would be okay.

I have dealt with this too many times. And actually dealt with it a few days ago.

379 People who judge others by their size

What just earlier in the list you put fat people as one of your pet peeves what the heck

Whether fat or thin people judge too harshly on size. mind your own business

380 Not returning emails
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