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21 Overuse of the Word Like

and like i was like you know like walking and like it was like raining like so not like cool...haha learn to speak proper english! you dont sound cute at all,

i hate the fact that im from liverpool, the word "like" is used in every single sentence. it gets really irritating - Jeheffiner

Just imagine if you were talking to someone in sign language and kept using the sign "like" over and over and over again. Even the deaf person is annoyed at your usage of the word "like". It's so annoying! - kaitlynrad11

The comments may sound like exaggerations, and I used to think they were, but they’re really not! - 3DG20

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22 Smokers

What's worse is when they're flailing their arms while walking, with a smoke in their hand to boot! I fear for any exposed flesh, I don't relish the idea of big burn marks on my arms, thanks.

The worst is at the beach and children's playgrounds, Children's PLAYGROUNDS! People are totally inconsiderate, its like, 'we don't all want lung cancer'

What if someone had very bad Asthma and you nearly killed them? Smokers are probably the most ignorant people on Earth. They don't care about their own bodies, so why would they care about others? - BlueTopazIceVanilla

I see people smoking and I just feel bad because I know it means they'll flop anytime. - RaccoonCartoon

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23 Bullying

The comments below prove that bullying is more of a problem or danger than a peeve. However, I've been bullied, but can ignore and brush it off, or roast them. Everyone in my class thinks I'm brainless! One thing I keep in mind is becoming depressed or beating yourself up over it only gives the bully what he/she wants, and doesn't solve anything either way. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

EDIT: A few years later after posting this comment, I found that depression isn't actually a choice. Harming yourself is, but depression is definitely not something you have a say in. Sorry for my misconception. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

I am bullied and yes its no fun... People that always call you ugly and fat.. It leads to bigger problems just shut up!

I cut myself because I have been bullied science 2nd grade and I am now in 8th and I'm still bullied.. It stinks

Once upon a time...
Me: Hi! [friendly conversation]
Some jerk: No one likes you.
Me: I like myself!
Jerk: Die.
[jerk laughs with his friends]
Roasted. - PythonProgrammer23

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24 Bossy leaders

For sure! Once given a position of leadership, all you have to do is LEAD, not BOSS. There is a difference. A good leader leads and is part of the group. A boss delegates to the leaders understanding his appointed leaders will, indeed, guide their groups toward the desired goal.

SERIOUS PET PEEVE OF MINE! When assigned a group project with my friends, I usually sit back and let them lead. Unfortunately, this doesn't exactly work out well for the rest of the group as they normally end up being told off and their ideas aren't given credit. I honestly cannot stand bossy leaders. Ugh.

I am one of the quiet people so other kids take charge. But they have to quiet everyone down so they can hear my ideas. I want to take charge for once. But since almost none of my friends are in my classes, I stuck joining a group who already has a leader. And if I am starting to write a script, for example, another person is already doing the script.

I hate teamwork. There are always the idiots who are always bossy and annoying pompous jerks who take over everything and don't listen to us. I prefer working alone because of this - Lunala

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25 People who tailgate when you're going faster than the speed limit

Are you in that much of a hurry where you have to ride my ass to the next stoplight! Pisses me off so much... So I slow down a ton until they try to pass, and then speed back up while they are passing... Not very safe but very effective

Yeah this happens all the time when I drive on mountain roads. I'm driving pretty fast and there's always someone tailgating me. If he wants to drive fast and fly off the side of the road and die in a canyon then that's his problem. - Mcgillacuddy

If I am going faster than the speed limit:

If I am in the fast lane and someone is close behind me, then I move over. If I not in the fast lane and someone is close behind me, then I get mad.

Cars are slowing down for traffic or an accident ahead, but they stay right on your tail.

26 When people say things that they don't know the meaning of

I really like photosynthesis! Taking photos is very fun!

...Really? - RaineSage

If you don't know what the swears mean, then stop trying to act cool and drop the act!

Because you don't want to ask what that means. so you pretend to know and they go on and you sit there confused as crap and at the end you just laugh.
If they ask you to tell them what the word means : your screwed

I remember there was this one kid at my last school (people spread rumours of him being gay) who always said ''YOLO! '' as a greeting. One day, I told him what it stood for and he said something along the lines of ''What? I just thought it was a cool way to say yo! "... Seriously, did he just hear it and mimic? - RaccoonCartoon

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27 People that constantly refer to their girlfriend as "my girlfriend" when you already know her name

Right, babe. Just call me ANGIE!

I mean it's the other way around they refer to my girlfiend as "your girlfriend... " I mean you know her name... Just call her it

"My girl/man" Ugh, she/he has a name! - Lunala

So annoying!

28 Arrogance

Some arrogant kid in my class would always make fun of my classmates because he thought he was better. One day, he said a girl had a big belly and she said at least she didn't have a big head,

Arrogant people just make me want to hit them in the head with a shovel

Some people are just SO big headed that you just want to squish their head!

I'll admit, I'm a little arrogant. - LordDovahkiin

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29 When people don't keep their big dogs on a leash

I hate dogs...they give me massive panic attacks! It really annoys me that I can't go to a public place without being constantly worried, nervous or scared of dogs, I went to my friends the other day when my friends friends dog just came running through the front door while I was standing their, I immediately ran upstairs, anyway that's not the point...sometimes I even see dogs walking behind their owners on a street with no lead...the owner can walk off without realising their dog is 10 meters behind them. And when there is a sign saying "please keep dogs on leads" it's amazing how many people can't read!

Not everyone likes dogs and doesn't want them jumping up on them all the time. I especially hate it when people just tell their dogs to stop instead of physically moving the dog.

Yess, it's so annoying, I'm afraid of dogs like legit! And I feel very uncomfortable in public just them being there, I'm not saying by any means that they're not allowed to go out, I just think that it's really annoying and disrespectful, so ATTENTION DOG OWNERS, KEEP YOUR DOG ON A LEASH, OH AND ANOTHER THING IT IS SO DISGUSTING WHEN YOU DON'T PICK UP YOUR DOGS "TRASH"

I’m terribly afraid of big dogs, but I like small or medium sized dogs. But keep them on a leash for Christ’s sake! - AliciaMae

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30 Accidentally biting your tongue while eating

And then you get those annoying bumps on your tongue for days. It also sucks when you burn your tongue on a hot drink, then you can't even taste anything for days. - Lunala

Not really a pet peeve its just painful - Bubbyboop

You won't believe the number of bite marks on my tongue! - RaccoonCartoon

More like biting your lip. - LordDovahkiin

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31 Being late

Now, calm down. We've all been late. That's okay, as long as you don't do it notoriously. - redhawk766

I hate this. - Lunala

32 Hypocrites

One time (not at band camp) a guy named Keegan was sharpening a mechanical pencil.
AND he called ME stupid.

"Eyehole deep in muddy waters... "-Maynard James Keenan - MegaToolica

It is so annoying how you see them at church and then you see them being a play boy. Then their parents think that their holy but when they go to sleep they don't know where they go.

Probably this kid in my health class in a nutshell. God I hate that kid. - Anonymousxcxc

I am at times when I don't notice I'm being one, but at least I admit to it. My parents tell me not to go on a long rant all the time, but when I ask my Dad a question about politics, he'll go way back to the days of Bill Clinton.

I can live with hypocrites as long as they admit that they were being hypocritical. - AliciaMae

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33 Fat women wearing skinny women's fashions

On one hand, I give these girls props for their confidence and comfort level with their body. On the other hand, they need to learn what is flattering for their body type and accept the fact that some trends will never suit them. What looks "sexy" on girls of one size is a horror show on girls of another size. Clothing manufacturers should stop making some clothes past certain sizes. I mean, sometimes it just looks like a sack of cats going to the river.

Good One! There are perfectly great clothing for plus size women - why the hell would you want to shove your oversized body into a size 3... Really! I can relate... I'm not a plus size woman but I am average but I know my limits - what I should and shouldn't wear. Especially if you're looking in the mirror and it doesn't look good - GIRL, it doesn't look good... Don't wear it. Flaunt what you have in a more flattering way that suits your plus size figure! And stay away from the skinny jeans and the size 3's!

Okay, for starters, if you're trying to look nice, wear something that actually fits. It is a big peeve of mine to see fat rolls hanging out all over the bottom of the shirt. Second, those styles are for skinny twigs, which means it doesn't hang or accent your body the same way as the skinny girl's clothes. Third, you are not skinny by wearing skinny girl clothes. Thank you, and have a nice day.

It looks weird though - GirlyAnimeLover

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34 Lies
35 People mispronouncing the word kilometer

A few years ago my brother pronounced "kilometer" wrong. I would correct him and ell him how to pronounce it. The cycle happened 3 times and then he cried. - Powerfulgirl10

The word kilometer is pronounced /kəˈlämədər if this helps. People need to learn how to pronounce - THEEPICDUDE990

I pronounce it like "Kill-oh-meet-er". - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Sometimes people say it ''Kile Oh Meter'' and it makes me mad. - RaccoonCartoon

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36 Calling girls' sports teams 'Lady (whatever the team name is)'

Go Lady Dogs (heh heh heh) - Bubbyboop

37 Arguing over race, religion, gender, etc

That's not a pet peeve. That's one of the world's worst things between people. - redhawk766

I hate this one, just accept not everyone’s going to be l8ke you. - AliciaMae

38 Global Warming Propaganda

What if I told you... climate change is an actual immediate problem that is threatening all life on Earth, and your will to stay ignorant and bring up baseless evidence does not change that fact. Excess greenhouse gases emissions created by humans are being absorbed by the ocean and making it more acidic. This is one of the reasons why we will start to see fish-less oceans in 20 years.

Humans aren't the only problem contributing to Global Warming. It's natural, but humans just speed up the process. - LordDovahkiin

Global Warming may be true, but the way the media exagerates the "doom" of the earth is just plain annoying. They can't even call it "Global Warming" anymore, because places are starting to get extreme winter weather, so they have to change it to "Climate Change. " I think everyone knows by now that polution is contributing, but there are also natural factors involved. People need to calm down and just assess the situation, not advertise it all over the place.

Global warming is a myth created by the left in order to extort money. There is no significant research saying the earth is getting warmer as a result. Historically the Earth has its warming and cooling cycles that accur naturally.

Though I agree with the natural process of the earth, there has been confirmed evidence that climate change is real. Car, factory, and other gases harm the ozone, making the land more vulnerable to radiation and heat. Trash, garbage, and toxic waste affects the water humans and other animals consume. Every day, a football field-sized section of the rainforest, a significant oxygen supply and home to wildlife, is cut down or burned every day. The world needs to listen. We need to stop this destruction. Humans created this danger, and humans need to end it. Please do your research, and do all you can to save our earth. Put a stop to this peril, before it's too late. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

It's mostly our fault. - RaccoonCartoon

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39 Thugs

News Flash, being a "thug" is not "cool" anymore, pull up your pants.

people fake way too much like there "thugs." ritch kids act like there from the rough areas, but if they ever even got close to the rough areas theyd piss there baggy clothes and get killed by the real deal. people in my area, along with myself, get offended and upset when a kid acts lower than themselves. thugs arnt from ritch areas or middle class areas-thugs are from the projects-so grow up and pull your damn draws up!

Its especially annoying when rich kids try to act like they're from "the hood" saying that they're from chi town, the 8 mile, or south bronx, when they actually grew up in a mansion with a millionaire family

Yeah because according to some people, living in crappy areas (ahem mardyke estate), getting stabbed and dying is totally enjoyable. Now that's not funny. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

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Youtube ads are annoying - Lunala

Longest 5 seconds of my life - AliciaMae

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