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401 People who lie about every little thing V 1 Comment
402 Being interrupted

I'm in the middle of an online game that I CAN'T PAUSE, I'm singing a song right now, DON'T RUIN THE MOMENT! - iRocketGamer52

403 People who ask the same question over and over

Even after I just told them the answer, they ask again.

By the 26th time I tell them, they should remember.

404 Slow people

Slow people? Do you mean slow drivers, slow eaters, slow workers, slow pilots, slow walkers, or just slow people in general

405 People with poor grammar

It gets on my nerves! People should go back to literature if they pronounce things wrong!

406 People who think they're "all that"

Ugh I hate those people!

407 Using the term, Unleaded Regular Gasoline
408 People who try to cut in line
409 Rumors
410 When someone gets mad at you for something yet if they did it, it would be okay.

I have dealt with this too many times. And actually dealt with it a few days ago.

411 People who judge others by their size

What just earlier in the list you put fat people as one of your pet peeves what the heck

Whether fat or thin people judge too harshly on size. mind your own business

412 Not returning emails
413 People that act tough or try to fight and they don't even work out or do weak workouts

I can't stand people that give attitude or act tough that are really weak.They're only good at talking.Why start something if there's no way you're finishing it?

414 When toilet water hits your butt
415 When people suck on their necklaces

I knew a few girls that did that. It's gross! THEY'RE SHOVING METAL INTO THEIR MOUTHS! Even if it isn't metal, it's still gross. They're not bad people. It's just annoying and unsanitary.

416 When students pack up from class before the professor is finished speaking
417 The Butchering of "Literally"

People, let me get this straight for you. Literally in not an exaggeration. Not. Literally means exactly, actually, really, etc. To take something in a literal sense, you're taking it seriously. If you say you "literally died", you must be Jesus Christ. This one is so bad that Oxford dictionary literally (As in a literal sense) had to come up with a new definition because so many people were butchering it. Wow. I'm ashamed.

418 Teens who say they can live without their parents

You think you can survive on your own when you can't even drive yet? Fine. That'll be interesting to watch. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

419 People who stare at you

:( mean

420 When people clap off beat
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