Top 10 Biggest Pet Peeves

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421 Being fake

Its just ahh I cannot talk about it.

422 People who won't eat their food because it's touching

It's gross you do not know where their hands have been

423 Nails on a chalk board

It hurts my ears so bad and people do it on purpose to me its like what's your problem?

424 When people burst in front of you in a queue

What makes your time more important than mine?

425 Being disrespectful

When your being honest or trying to say you point of the story to your parents and they get so mad and say your being disrespectful and punish you!

426 Touching chiffon

Rubbing chiffon between your fingers. It makes me want to puke.EWW it's very disgusting.

427 Sharpening pencils at school

Sure the students can't really help it but it's extremely annoying to hear loud sharpening noises. That's also typically during quiet times like differentiation or writing, which makes me even more startled and annoyed.

428 Delayed vacation flights
429 Getting an airplane seat that doesn't recline
430 Dirty Dishes

Dirty dishes just left out. It looks disgusting and shows that the person was lazy to put it away. - madoog

431 Itching
432 People tearing open the plastic of a snack with their teeth instead of using their fingers
433 An insect crawling on your computer screen
434 Someone parking their car on the sidewalk
435 Making dumb laws V 2 Comments
436 Crumbs
437 When someone accuses you of farting when you did not

The accusatory question, "Was that you? " - madoog

438 People who say humans are animals

We ARE animals. If you say we don't belong in the animal kingdom, then what are we? Plants? - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

439 Someone making you wait because of their action
440 Noisy people

I cannot stand noisy people! It is ridiculous when I can hear a loud person all the way from a certain distance. - madoog

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