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481 Accidentally clicking something you did not mean to click
482 Tripping
483 People dropping weights instead of setting them on the floor
484 A dog barking at you
485 Walking into a spider web
486 Overuse of "I'm Not a Fan Of..."
487 Someone shining a flashlight in your face V 1 Comment
488 People saying "more like, more of, more..."
489 Someone naming their girl baby a boy name

I know a baby boy called Sue. Not even joking.

'Girl' and 'boy' names are actually non-existent. - LemonComputer

Yes, they exist. It's just names people have been associating with the genders for as long as a couple centuries, or longer. Like you wouldn't name a male Allison. And you wouldn't name a female Rand. - LordDovahkiin

490 Thugs wearing pants down to their knees
491 People who are sensitive to someone speaking a different language
492 The word c'mon

This does not look right. It is come on, not come on. The apostrophe does not really substitute anything. - madoog

493 Social Media

Social media logos on every website

V 1 Comment
494 People saying "I almost forgot" V 1 Comment
495 Little kids who think they have girlfriends or boyfriends

Oh. My. StarClan. I used to deal with this all the time! In second grade idiots would start drama over their so-called "boyfriends". It would just be like "Aww, he is so cute! " "Oh, how romantic! " and derp like "Hiii! "
We acted like our life was some kind of show taking place in high school. Sadly, I was one of these morons in preschool. I would just stupidly croon "isn't he the cutest thing? ". Ugh, so over this behavior! - Emberflight_of_StormClan

496 People who say "I forget" instead of "I forgot", using the present tense incorrectly instead of the past tense

Well, it's not incorrect sometimes if you say "I forget." - LordDovahkiin

497 When friends take things without asking

Obnoxious friend: -takes my dry erase marker I was about to use-

Okay, there are two endings to this situation; I either say nothing, and be unable to do my work, or tell her I need my marker and hurt her feelings. Geez.

Ending one:

Obnoxious friend: -draws on marker board without teacher knowing-
Me: Why...

Ending two:
Me: Um, I need my marker back.
Obnoxious friend: Oh. Ok. -gives me marker with a sad, pitiful look-

Really? You can't just take stuff because I lent it to you ONCE. A similar thing happened with another friend with my hat, and let's just say she didn't know she had lice. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

498 People who still think "stupid" is a bad word.

In Middle School:

Me: That's stupid.
Class: -gasps- You said the bad word, ooo! - Emberflight_of_StormClan

499 People who stop eating a food they clearly like just because of one little ingredient that's in it

They're so fussy. Seriously, my sister is like that. If we were short on food, what would she do then? - kaisietoo

500 Noisy neighbours

Especially the ones who have deafening parties at four in the morning and wake the whole street up. - Entranced98

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