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42 Yards that run down a neighborhood

One crack house on the street does bring down the property value. It's not judgmental just a sad fact.

Its like the saying "one bad apple spoils a bunch." I put time and energry into the landscape of my house and why does the neighbor's house look like grow house or drug manufacturing place.

Most judgemental thing I've read on this site. There has to be a medal for you somewhere.

43 Coughing without covering mouth

My god why do people still cough without covering their mouths...Why!

Do those people even think about spreading germs? Same with sneezing. - redhawk766

Little kids do it all the time! - Powerfulgirl10


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44 Bad service at a restaurant

hate that or when they are in a horrible mood so they put it out on you

That is also one of my biggest pet peeve, especially when they looks down upon me and my family just because we are Deaf. I mean, just because we are Deaf doesn't mean they have the right to ignore us... We are human as everyone else are.

The way I see it, bad service means smaller or no tip. So at least you're spending less money. Regardless, bad service is still rather obnoxious.

BAD SERVICE ANYWHERE! UGH! If you hate your job then quit.

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45 Judgmental People

People that use "judge not" from the Bible, and can not even tell you what book, chapter or verse it is found in.

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46 People wearing their glasses in their hair

I don't get how this is annoying

I wear reading Glasses and when someone comes to talk with me I put my Glasses on my head. I need them only for reading and computor. Hate going in my purse, so ya on my head

Why so this so annoying? It's cool to me... - GirlyAnimeLover

Wearing sunglasses in the hair is perfectly normal to me... - redhawk766

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47 Eyelash getting in your eye

Agree! It hurts way so much! - GirlyAnimeLover

48 Taking the boy's last name in marriage

Umm.. it's the law but okay. I guess it does make sense though - pepeagrees1

49 Irresponsible
50 When in a text message a person replies "lol"

How are you expected to keep a conversation going if they respond in "k" or "l.O.l". If I send someone a funny message and they respond with L.O.L I'm just like, "Well f*** you too then" because as we all know 99% of all L.O.Ls are said with with a straight face. One time this one girl actually said L.O.L when one of my friends said a joke. What's the point of that?! - Danielsun182

Don't forget the reply "K". Ugh stupid people!

Me: I just sent my friend a very long text! I hope she replies!

Friend's email: Hi Maya.

Me: what!

Now I know. Replying with, Godforbid ending every sentence with "lol" suggests you have a 2-number IQ. Pfft... 2-number. 1-number!
Oh, and if you want to really $%#@ piss people off, don't forget "K" - redhawk766

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51 Big dogs at the small dog park

You may think your dog is little but maybe it isnt. If your dogs head is bigger than some peoples entire dog, it should be playing with the big dogs and not the little dogs. Certain exceptions could apply such as sick or senior dogs, but you know who you are. - mydawgz

I have to go cancel a babysitting job... Apparently I can't be spending time with people smaller than me. Like what?! Dogs can go wherever the hell they'd like!

There's a difference between a civilised human whom doesn't eat midgets and huge dogs that are constantly eating smaller dogs. - LemonComputer

I hate this too, good point!

It's a DOG park. Big or not, it's still a dog so stfu.

I guess I have to cancel a babysitting job now... I can't spend time with people smaller than me. Like what?! DOGS CAN GO WHEREVER THE HELL THEY'd LIKE!

52 Men wearing a baseball cap in a restaurant

Do you seriously get annoyed by insignificant things that other people do? Just don't look at them if you don't like that they're wearing a hat.

I wouldn't mind people doing that if I were at buffalo wild wings, but at a fancy restaurant, then it's a problem

So - madoog

53 Not washing dirty hands

You must wash your hands every time you come out the bathroom - Adventurur2

54 Nuisance yappy or barking dogs

The worst is when the owner NEVER gets them to be quiet or even realizes their dog is barking. don't GET A DOG THEN. I calmed my dog down and brought him inside, be a normal human and do the same, THANKS!

Well, if the dog is trying to tell you something, then that's different. But if it's barking at anything that moves, then yes. For some reason, larger dogs don't bug me as much when they're barking... It's YAPPING little Chuiauias (sorry, I keep forgetting how to spell chuiauias, but cut me some slack, I'm 11). I don't want to offend any Chui-lovers (short for chuiauias, however it's spelled), but really, if you treat your dog like a little princess sweetie, that's when it becomes annoying. People who let their dogs bark and do nothing about it, THAT'S when it becomes annoying to the public... By the way, I LOVE dogs, but I am mostly a cat person.

I'm sorry that a dog's only method of verbally communicating has offended you.

It's not always easy to get rid of a dog. Especially one that nobody wants. - LemonComputer

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55 When people have to have things their way or no way.

Act like brats - Adventurur2

56 Parking a car across two spaces

Or when people box your car just because you're parking in "their" space. That space is allowed to be used for any car, not just yours! Just stop having a bad attitude about someone parking in a space that you want to, ass! - LemonComputer

Very inconsiderate. Since my car is a hunk of junk any way, this always prompts me to park as close to them as I can.

57 When people get their belly button pierced

It looks ugly and costs money so why would you do it? And don't "well it looks good on some people" me. It looks good on NO ONE! Same thing with nose piercings.

Chillax. I'm planning to get a belly button ring. To me, it looks quite good. The nose looks bad.
Look, it's my body, not yours, so I do what I want with it. - redhawk766

58 When people argue in public

Once I was at Friendly's and some mother starts yelling at her little boy. She even brings him to the front of the restaurant and puts him in a chair, in the corner and gives him a time out. Even my grandma was angry as hell when it was happening - kaitlynrad11

When you're arguing in public, don't even do that honestly, at least find a quieter place to have your discussion or after your done whatever you were trying to get done, argue at home, rather than yelling in a mall full of people that can hear you. No one needs to hear what your fighting about. That's just.. not the best vibe.

I honestly find it a little interesting and maybe even funny when I see a parent yelling at their kid in public. - NikBrusk

59 People who write R.I.P.... give respect and write rest in peace

How is it disrespectful to write/type in abbreviations? RIP and Rest In Peace both gives the EXACT same message! - LemonComputer

Hey, even most tombstones has R.I.P okay? - GirlyAnimeLover

It's the same thing. It's just as respectful as Rest In Peace. - redhawk766

60 People who post pet peeves on a forum page

I find it hilarious that people who have pet peeves about people having pet peeves post about it on a forum for pet peeves, yet claim that it's their biggest pet peeve. You made it through THIRTY-THREE of these posts to get to this one and claim that little things don't bother you. You = lying to yourself... ;-). My pet peeve? Liars.

I agree!
Get a life... Don't sweat the small things in life... Quit judging people...
Look in the mirror...

This is hilarious, mainly because I'm on a forum and we have a whole thread dedicated to pet peeves, so... - kaitlynrad11

God bless whoever made this

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