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61 People who post pet peeves on a forum page

I find it hilarious that people who have pet peeves about people having pet peeves post about it on a forum for pet peeves, yet claim that it's their biggest pet peeve. You made it through THIRTY-THREE of these posts to get to this one and claim that little things don't bother you. You = lying to yourself... ;-). My pet peeve? Liars.

I agree!
Get a life... Don't sweat the small things in life... Quit judging people...
Look in the mirror...

This is hilarious, mainly because I'm on a forum and we have a whole thread dedicated to pet peeves, so... - kaitlynrad11


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62 Guys Who Date Three Girls at Once

Yo that ain't cool!

There savages

K I get it you're hot now and got 3 girlfriends, but I bet you'll be alone at the end!

That is so true

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63 When people have their music up so loud at a stoplight it shakes my car

My mom does that all the time when I'm in her car. I'm just like are you really serious?

Hate it. If I wanted to hear your music I'd get in your car.

Lol this one sounds funny - GirlyAnimeLover


64 Auto Correct

I mean it's good when it fixes a bad word but when you try to name a company it's never heard of it takes like forever to not get auto corrected

Every time I write Def Leppard on this site it appears as "definitely Leppard". LOL. - Metal_Treasure

So annoying ugh

The only phobia autocorrect know is Arachnophobia... others? It auto corrected to Phobia, phobia, phobia... - GirlyAnimeLover

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65 People who are vain and think everyone is always looking at and envious of them

I find that most people don't actually feel this inside. Remember that everyone has their insecurities, but some people can hide it better than others. Yes, many people make others feel worse in order to make themselves feel better, but it's good to remeber that.

YES! It's SO annoying. Not EVERYONE thinks your hot, not EVERY guy likes you! PLEASE GET OVER YOURSELF!

People who think their poop don't stink

This is the most annoying thing a person can be. - LightningBlade

66 Buying things just for the brand name

Don't buy something just because the brand is "popular" or something like that. Don't waste your money

Some people just prefer certain brands for clothing. Is that somehow a sin? That's like saying that having a favourite YouTuber is annoying when people like a certain YouTuber because of the quality and type of videos that they make. Get over yourselves if you think that buying things just for the brand name is a bad thing. - LemonComputer

It's their preference you noon. I prefer Laneige for my Water Mask stuff. - GirlyAnimeLover

For example, Pantene. A girl named Kate bought a bottle of Pantene shampoo because it is popular and used by those schoolgirls (bitchy ones). Once she used it, what happened to her hair? It got thicker.

Would you want to be like her in that time?

Or this?

For example, Lorea'l. A friend of hers recommended you this trusted shampoo by salon workers. She bought a 100ml of Loreal shampoo. Kate putted it in her hair. What happened to her hair. It got smoother and silky. - ArigatoKawaii

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67 Having 1 item to buy & standing in line behind a shopper with a loaded cart

That's why some shops have checkouts that only people with less than 10 items are allowed through. - LemonComputer

Yes, so annoying. Really, they know there is a speedy checkout lane for that! Thank you!

The person with the full cart was there, first. - madoog

So I should let every Tom, Dick and Mary who only has one or two items cut in front of me just because I have a cart full of things? I think not!

68 No enforcement of a complete stop at a stop sign

Some car almost crashed in to me because they ran a stop sign.

69 Judgmental People

People that use "judge not" from the Bible, and can not even tell you what book, chapter or verse it is found in.

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70 Waiting in long lines

It's even worse when people in front start conversations with the cashier

That's nothing we can control except the guys running the lines.

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71 When people ask if you're ok when you are obviously not.

Or when you bump your head on something then someone says, "Watch your head. " Why couldn't you say something BEFORE I hit my head - Danielsun182

Most people who do this have a very serious reason. They do this because they're wondering whether or not to get you to a doctor. - LemonComputer

Me: *Hits my foot very had and falls on the floor screaming in pain*
Idiot Dad: Are you okay?
Me, thinking: Yes, I'm fine! (Sarcasm) - mayamanga

-I fall down a flight of stairs-
"Are you okay? "
Me: "Of course! I was just hugging the floor! " - Emberflight_of_StormClan

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72 Cutting in line

Coming never to nowhere near you because nobody ever thought of this: The line monitor (OOH AAH). If you cut in line, you get sent to the end! Do it again or cut more than 8 people, you leave the line!

We need this so badly.

In lunch, we have 'lunch' food and 'snack food'. People wanting snack food constantly cut front of people whom are getting lunch food, and it's allowed to. Then sometimes people try to encourage me to do the same and I don't because it makes me feel EVIL just thinking about doing that! - LemonComputer

I know a teacher who let the seniors cut line in the canteen. It's so annoying they should wait like everyone else.

Why can't you just wait for something you want instead of being a baby about it?! - Powerfulgirl10

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73 When a question is directed to you, and someone else answers for you

Yes. I hate this. They did not ask you, idiot. It is rude because they did not ask the person a question who answered for someone. - madoog

I hate when people just butt into the conversation and actually do that. - geekgirl

They asked me the question so don't answer

I have actually slapped someone for this.

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74 Couples who live in the same house, and on Facebook they answer each others comments

Don't they communicate in front of each other anymore?

You shouldn't be spying on other people's pages yourself. That's x100 more annoying. - LemonComputer

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75 Spending money on the space program V 1 Comment
76 Parents who complain about kid's shows

This annoys me because I feel that if you hate something so much why are watching it or even doing it. If it's for kids, then of course you will not be entertained by it. I, mean, I despised sesame street as a kid and still do. But, I don't watch it.

The only reason I'm voting for this is the ones that watch the show purely to hate on it. But just because you're an adult, doesn't mean you can't criticise a children's show. Also, you kinda need to watch it, to have an opinion.

Especially when it comes to Teen Titans Go. Everyone keeps complaining about it just because it's been turned more kid-friendly. - LemonComputer

Then you don't have to watch it! - Emberflight_of_StormClan

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77 When you're eating something healthy and someone asks if you're on a diet

Haha yeah this one is annoying. Shows how pathetic most people's eating habits are.

Followed by that awkward reply, "No, I was just umm, trying to improve my eating habits because I started getting self conscious about being overweight."

"Yeah, that's called a diet."

As a younger person, my friends ask me what pizza flavor I want, I always say vegetarian with anchovies, you see its not that I am eating healthy, its that your eating unhealthy.

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78 Parents who talk loudly and yell at their kids in public

Okay yes, if your child is being a brat, do something about it, but don't be mean to them. That'll most likely make it worse.

Kids who yell loudly and parents don't control them.

79 When people speak in a constant stream so that you can't converse or respond and you have to awkwardly talk over them to simulate conversation

My mom does this because she is a compulsive talker and doesn't want to change. I won't go to the movies with her anymore. All my friends complain about her talking. She now talks to herself all the time because Dear Abby said it was okay to talk to yourself. I hear her jabbering away when she's in the bathroom taking a tinkle. Dear Abby this!

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80 Immigration to North America

RACIST! That's how I'm here, because my parents crossed the Mexican border. That racist fat man wants to build a wall on it, stop him! - Pegasister12

I'm the same way IF they are illegal aliens! Send their asses back. What part of illegal don't you understand! If they are here illegally they are CRIMINALS and we DO NOT need any more of THOSE!

I hope this is a troll though if it is not I would see a doctor.

Really? 'Cause that's exactly how we sound right now. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

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