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81 Auto Correct

I mean it's good when it fixes a bad word but when you try to name a company it's never heard of it takes like forever to not get auto corrected

The phones that work with buttons have an irritating auto correct, it finishes the sentence how they want it - Iamcool

Every time I write Def Leppard on this site it appears as "definitely Leppard". LOL. - Metal_Treasure

I hate autocorrect. You saw the cake fail with the blonde (auto-corrected: blind) girl, didn't you? So bad. - redhawk766

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82 When a question is directed to you, and someone else answers for you

Yes. I hate this. They did not ask you, idiot. It is rude because they did not ask the person a question who answered for someone. - madoog

I hate when people just butt into the conversation and actually do that. - geekgirl

They asked me the question so don't answer

I have actually slapped someone for this.

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83 Parents who talk loudly and yell at their kids in public

Okay yes, if your child is being a brat, do something about it, but don't be mean to them. That'll most likely make it worse.

Kids who yell loudly and parents don't control them.

84 When people speak in a constant stream so that you can't converse or respond and you have to awkwardly talk over them to simulate conversation

My mom does this because she is a compulsive talker and doesn't want to change. I won't go to the movies with her anymore. All my friends complain about her talking. She now talks to herself all the time because Dear Abby said it was okay to talk to yourself. I hear her jabbering away when she's in the bathroom taking a tinkle. Dear Abby this!

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85 Immigration to North America

RACIST! That's how I'm here, because my parents crossed the Mexican border. That racist fat man wants to build a wall on it, stop him! - Pegasister12

I'm the same way IF they are illegal aliens! Send their asses back. What part of illegal don't you understand! If they are here illegally they are CRIMINALS and we DO NOT need any more of THOSE!

I hope this is a troll though if it is not I would see a doctor.

Really? 'Cause that's exactly how we sound right now. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

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86 Driving slow in the the fast lane

The speed limit in the passing lane is infinity. So move over and let the car behind you pass. It's the law in most states. It's not personal if someone wishes to drive faster. So stop causing traffic and move to the right.

I agree. But what a lot of people don't get is that it's not really a "fast" lane, it's a passing lane. If you're not passing the drivers on your right, get over!

There is no such thing as a fast lane. The speed limit is the speed limit.

It's even worse in school hallways.

87 People who make noise when they breath

Seriously? What if they have cold? - GirlyAnimeLover

People breathing with their mouth open for a long time - madoog

This is sooo true

Yes if I can hear u breath u aren't doing it right

88 Sore losers

Yeah I hate that guys that's like "good job on showing off,I wanted to win cause I'm better" and I'm like shut up - Adventurur2

89 Racist people that just see the color of the person, religion or what country they are from

The person who insults a person is less talented and important than the person who is being insulted. - ronluna

I cannot believe this isn't higher up on the list. It's just so hard to understand why this is all the way down here.

That's so mean. Who cares if their different! Where all the same!

I agree. You can't judge someone by their race, nationality,or religion. News flash: All people are human! This annoys me so much. A kid in my class will say offensive phrases toward different races and places without hesitation. This the 2000s people! How are we still like this?!

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90 Emo Bands

Dude some of my best friends are emo's and they don't cut to be honest I do and I am not anywhere near emo!

Well it's not really the bands but more of the people who cut their wrists and harm themselves for no reason. To me it's for their enjoyment or just for attention. It puts bad impressions for other people that like wearing all black or dying their hair. I find it retarded what some of these people do. Well I don't really know about the music styles they listen to but I know exactly how their lifestyles are. - Undertaker15-0

The only retard around here is you

You make me sick you should be ashamed

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91 People who "have" to curse after every other word

Enough with the F*** and the S*** already. People who use curse words to replace every adjective need to crack open a dictionary. - Benz74

I can't stand that and refuse to even stay in the same room with someone who does that which is kind of ironic because at one point in my life I was that person. I guess there are a lot of furious and depressed people out there (that was my reason).

I don't mind when it's after somthing bad or painful happens... But when you use it 10 times a sentence... Ugh

It's not f*cking necessary for you to f*cking curse after every f*cking word! - Absolite

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92 People who ride their bikes in the road when a sidewalk is right there

If you have a bike you're supposed to be riding on the road, not the side walk. The side walk is for people to walk on, not bike riders.

YES SO ANNOYING! I was driving down this road that travels along a nice bike trail and someone was literally riding their bike on the road when the bike trail was right there! It really irritated me especially since he chose for some stupid reason to ride on the road when the bike trail was right next to the street. Extremely rude, obnoxious and not to mention dangerous. Sorry if I'm ranting but something about those bicyclists in their overly tight clothes cruising down the street without one cautious glance at passing vehicles pisses me off.

Especially when the Speed Limit 45-65 mph. They are going 20 mph, if that fast; holding up traffic.

I have a bike and ride, but not on the roads. I ride in the parks and on trails. I get irritated at those who do ride in/on the roads. It's a complete lack of common courtesy and a disregard for motorist.

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93 When teachers don't realize you have a life

It's like, "oh I was going to go out with my family to visit my grandmother that I haven't seen in years, but I can't because I need to write 4 essays"

We have lives besides doing boring work that wont ever help us in life, teacher don't so they make us do it so they can " have a life" as they grade papers

One weekend, I had to play with my band at a Marlins game on Friday, go to a band celebration on Saturday for 4 hours, and go to a Girl Scout event on Sunday. And yet I had four math assignments, two science assignments, and a reading project. - Absolite

So I live where hurricane Irma hit and the teachers gave me so many assignments to do and I'm like this flipping Abraham assignment isn't going to help me through a hurricane. Me and one of my friends think that the teachers planned Irma so they didn't have to teach us in class. so they just gave us more work so they don't have to worry about teaching it. ughh I hate school so much

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94 People watching you eat

Something about that makes me self conscious about how I'm eating, too. It's just awkward! - Emberflight_of_StormClan

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95 When you're eating something healthy and someone asks if you're on a diet

Haha yeah this one is annoying. Shows how pathetic most people's eating habits are.

Followed by that awkward reply, "No, I was just umm, trying to improve my eating habits because I started getting self conscious about being overweight."

"Yeah, that's called a diet."

As a younger person, my friends ask me what pizza flavor I want, I always say vegetarian with anchovies, you see its not that I am eating healthy, its that your eating unhealthy.

Same when you order something without meat, and someone asks if you're a vegetarian. - redhawk766

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96 Sisters

I hate them! Especially younger ones. I have a 9 year old sister and has this really ugly attitude. She throws a fit in public if she doesn't get what she wants. Its embarrassing for me. I'm the middle child. Once she was born, I was practically ignored after that. I was hardly ever around the house. I was at my friends house most of the day or at my cousins house. She was a spoiled little child. Out of my whole family she was the worst about it. I quit acting like I needed all the attention when I was 5 years old. So 7 years ago I quit acting like a spoiled kid. Unlike my other friends. Its a wonder how she has friends. Ehh I'm done ranting. Bye for now.

Wow Wow Wow. I agree with everything. But I have to stay in the house. - PizzaGuy

Correction: BABY sisters. They're the worst. But so are gross little brothers. Not tiny helpless babies, but little kids. At the park, I've had to follow them around playing their games, when I'm supposed to be playing tag with my friends. My sister and I are sisters, so I'd be hating myself.

I have an older sister who thinks she is "all that" and that I am just some idiot but I am two grades below her but taking the same grade level math, and I have a better grade in it! It's just annoying because I can be accomplished too but if I ever talk about something I did she one ups me and my parents then talk about what she had said

All sisters? I'm a sister, and I'm very proud of it. Of course, my brother is a toddler, so I treat him as nice, as possible. - redhawk766

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97 Stay at home mothers

That's basically making fun of my mother because she is a stay at home mom. She does the dishes, does the laundry, takes the dogs out for the bathroom, mops the house, prepares food for us. That's not lazy! - Pegasister12

She's not lazy! The only time she can rest is Sunday! (Or maybe Saturday). She did the laundry, she clean the house, she tidy the house, she organize the house, she vacuum the house, she did the dishes, she cooked for us, she home schools us, she cook food an much more. No offense to men, but most of men only relax at home and rarely help her... - GirlyAnimeLover

Seriously, I know a stay at home mom and she's one of the hardest working person I know. She home schools FIVE kids and has to take care of her toddler all day, plus cleaning the house, and church three times a week. NOT LAZY!

I was a "Stay at home mom" and I home schooled 5 kids and kept the home running smoothly. I was not then nor am I now "lazy" You should try doing what I did before you open your very LARGE mouth and spew your "opinions."

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98 Having to repeat yourself

Whenever I call out a friend's name, they ignore me. Whenever my mom calls out one of us, we either can't hear her or possibly ignore her. (I can never hear her unless it's like her third time. - Powerfulgirl10

If we're in a loud place, I get it. However, if I'm having to repeat myself in a quiet place.. I will buy your hearing aids for you! This gets on my nerves so bad!

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99 Bragging

Ugh I hate when people brag

100 Littering

I hate it! Especially when they're too lazy to just go to the bin a few feet away. I always just put any rubbish in my pocket to throw away later if there isn't a bin around.

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