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121 Asking Do what? V 1 Comment
122 Dropping an f bomb on every sentence you use.

A kid with anger issues would drop an f bomb almost instantly. - Powerfulgirl10

Calling "it" an f-bomb annoys me way more!

Problem is, almost all spoiled 10-year-olds drop an f-bomb (goddarnit, I hate that phrase) when they don't get what they want. - redhawk766

Example: MarioTehPlumber on YouTube.

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123 Loud cellphone conversations in public

Like anyone needs to hear the conversation that you're having to your girl/boy friend about when you're going to bang him/her next. - LemonComputer

124 Texting and driving

Why do it. you wanna die or something

I guess they are trying to suicide themselves. - GirlyAnimeLover

125 Kids crying at the movies
126 Brainless "Environmentalist" Groups

One out of every ten actually have the right idea. News flash, burning a lumber yard in protest of cutting down trees is not an environmentally healthy thing to do!

Jerk I hope a tree falls on your house

Yea! Shut up and stop ruining my life!

127 Being ignored

I make a real effort to remember the names of people I am introduced to. It annoys me to no end when people don't do the same. Especially people I have to deal with every day. They say "Excuse me" to get my attention or point to me when directing someone my way. And yet they acknowledge everyone else around me.

I wrote something on this in another list. If you are reading this and have probably done this to other people you may think it's no big deal, but it hurts a lot. - listotaku17

I asked a girl out and she gave me her number. I sent a text using an app called Viber, and saw that she read it. No response. After a week I confront her and she denies ignoring me saying that her "phone has problems". Why do women do this?

Story of my life! - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

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128 Facebook 'sharing'
129 Tangled cords
130 When someone is too touchy

Such a moron. Have you ever heard of Highly Sensitive Person? (Maybe not because you the them). See? This is why people gain Mental Disorders, it's because of humans dumbness and arrogance. - GirlyAnimeLover


I don't like my peepee being touched by big black men

131 People who leave their blinkers on

OMG! I saw an old man one time keep his blinker on going 70 on the freeway for like 5miles then we turned away:( - 7beach77

132 People who can't keep a text conversation going

That's about 97% of Americans. Here's a little tip. Holding a conversation does not mean rambling on about one topic for twenty minutes. Pick a new topic after the first twenty seconds! Be random. Be irrelevant. It's all right!

To me, the point of texting is to convey information without having to have a conversation. If the person you're texting isn't keeping things going, they probably aren't interested in a "conversation".

What about using the phone in real time? Some people have limited number of text messaging...

133 When you ask a question and the person doesn't give you an answer

My classmates love to ignore my questions on purpose to annoy me. They think it's really funny. Well, guess what? It may be funny at first, but it's getting irritating after the 1 billionth time, ok? If you don't know the answer, then just say "I don't know", don't make me sit there and wait 5 minutes for your dang answer! - FireWasp2004

A person would have a reason to not answer your question. - LemonComputer

I get infuriated when this happens... - TwilightKitsune

This happens to me all the time - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

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134 Silverware scraping flatware

It makes me have an extreme pain in my head and ears and it sends a huge shiver running across my entire body until it stops. It's more painful than annoying though. - LemonComputer

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135 Liars

My youngest sister used to be a HUMONGOUS liar, Now a boy I know is a liar, GROW THE HADES UP ALREADY!

People who use the "word" humongous. It is so irritating.

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136 When people try to talk to me when I have my earphones in

My parents to it to me all the time. I might hear them a little bit and I ask them to repeat it, and I get yelled at for not paying attention, how the hell am I supposed to hear when I have earbuds in my ears, and I have the music turned up max. The ONLY reason why I turn up my music so loud is to stop people from talking to me. I like being my own little world.

As someone who constantly has their headphones on (because the audio on my laptop does extreme echoing when I don't have my headphones plugged in) this gets very annoying. My sister is a chatterbox and never stops talking. I want to go on Duolingo already! Why wont you just shut up and let me have my headphones back on?! - LemonComputer

Friend: That was my entire summer vacation, what about yours?
Me: *unplugs earbuds revealing loud metal music* What? Can you say that again?
Friend: ARE YOU KIDDING ME? It's like I'm talking to a tree over here!
Me: I'm guessing that you didn't see my earbuds in, did you? - Pegasister12

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137 When someone constantly taps on me to get my attention

They usually do this because you keep ignoring them. Pull your head out of your ass, stop ignoring whoever is trying to talk to you, and they'll stop. - LemonComputer

Back when my brother and I were really little, he would tap on my shoulder or back just to annoy me. - Powerfulgirl10

Attention seekers can be real annoying and sometimes, they end up ruining their lives. - LightningBlade

That's what my annoying little nephew does. - Pegasister12

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138 Social justice warriors
139 People who say It's always in the last place you look. Of course, you dont keep lookin after you found it

haha you should watch lee evans, he does a piece on this... hilarious!! - Jeheffiner

140 Public spitting

For goodness sake use tissues if you have to spit especially after that phlegmy cough.

I hate this. When my little brother and I (correct grammar people! ) walk home from school, he spits like three times. What kills me, though, is when people spit on concrete and it's noticeable. *shudder* *cringe*

Why do people spit on the ground? What are you spitting for you? It is disgusting and unnecessary. Nobody should have to see that. - madoog

I hate it when people spit on others, especially when having a conversation. - Powerfulgirl10

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