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141 Public spitting

For goodness sake use tissues if you have to spit especially after that phlegmy cough.

I hate this. When my little brother and I (correct grammar people! ) walk home from school, he spits like three times. What kills me, though, is when people spit on concrete and it's noticeable. *shudder* *cringe*

Why do people spit on the ground? What are you spitting for you? It is disgusting and unnecessary. Nobody should have to see that. - madoog

I hate it when people spit on others, especially when having a conversation. - Powerfulgirl10

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142 Ignorant People
143 When people don't flush the toilet

Just think, if you reduced your flushing to once a day, we'd waste less water, the oceans would stop rising, global warming would stop, the polar bears would be saved, and we can all hop around like fluffy bunnies! All it takes is just poop on your poop on your poop and we'd save the world! As long as you don't pass out because of the smell, you're good to go.

It's not a waste of water if you flush the toilet every time after using it. - madoog

Public toilets smell like farts, the seat has touched millions of buttcheeks so it's already bad enough but people NEVER flush their pee or poo so you walk in on pee all over the seat and in the bowl, a random crap in the pan or both. Not to mention the vandalism. I only use public toilets if desperate. - Lunala

Why do I keep ending up walking in on gigantic turds in the toilets?! - Powerfulgirl10

This pet peeve is disgusting! - madoog

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144 Posting about how you love God, and then the next post is F word this and F word that

The bit before the comma is enough. - LemonComputer

So, true

Yeah - redhawk766

True - GirlyAnimeLover

145 When there's a story, and people bring up race
146 Wet doorknobs V 1 Comment
147 People who ask Who? after every-time you tell them the person you're talking about.

Or people who call other people, "retarded". That's so rude.

I know! I showed one of my friends another one of my friends, and he said "Oh my gosh he looks so retarded! " - THEEPICDUDE990

It's so annoying. It's like they act so stupid that they don't even know what you're talking about when the fact is that they're so retarded. - afeldman21

148 When parent's know that their kid doesn't know how to order at a fast food restaurant and have them order anyway

What's even worse is when the kid knows what they want and the parent (usually the mom) says something like, "Are you sure you want the hamburger? Do you maybe want the chicken? " Then the poor kid, who knew what he wanted, and said so, is now totally confused. Thanks, Mom! You should have just let him have the hamburger. It's just lunch. Relinquish control for once!

It doesn't bother me if your kid knows how to order but when they don't know how they take forever and hold up the line. Plus, they usually order something wrong and the parent has to come up all pissed off and correct the order. - kimmay1990

It really annoys me because I have social anxiety and literally can't order without out and my step dad knows this but continues to say if you don't order you don't eat

I find it hard to order food. I'm getting better but it's still hard. It's because I have a disorder. - Lunala

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149 The term "pet peeve"

I never thought I would see this, ugh the phrase 'pet peeve' or 'pet hate' gives me the shivers

The term itself sounds like your pet's done something that peeves you - redhawk766

150 When people try to act cool/funny

Oh my Gosh! A person who does this lives down my road, so she ends up catching my bus and I notice her change of attitude when her 'friend' get on the bus.

Too bad, you know you're not funny and cool so just stop with the act!

A guy does this in my class and I want to tear his head off. He blurts out and tries to be funny by yelling 'trending' things. Today, a girl was dancing every time the teacher wasn't looking and people laughed, then said she didn't do it when she was told on.

Agree - GirlyAnimeLover

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151 When someone interrupts you when you are talking

Personally, I put this in the top 5 because it happens to me CONSTANTLY! Can't my brother wait until I'm done? I almost never go over a minute. And he'll cut me off and then go on and on about something he tells us every single day. And sometimes to make it worse, he'll do it until I forget what I was gonna say!

My mom sometimes interrupts me when I ask her a question since the already knows what I'm going to say. But what if she doesn't know it? Anyway, this is pretty annoying. - Powerfulgirl10

Okay, I hate this to. But my friend takes it to the next level. Sometimes it's better to interrupt people.

Its like they are so arrogent, they are better than you, and your comment has no merit

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152 People thinking they are better than everyone else

I agree! I deal with this daily with my room mate.

153 People who demand tolerance...that is!, ironic
154 Anti-smoking groups/commercials

Can't stand these anti tobacco groups/commercials. Where are the anti-drunk groups/commercials? How many innocent people have you ever heard of being killed by smoking and driving or spitting and driving? Tobacco publicity is considered evil but alcohol is promoted everywhere. So twisted.

I don't like smoking (I don't like the smell and from a young age I was taught how bad it was). I'm fine with smokers as long as they don't smoke in no-smoke zones and as long as they don't smoke in large crowds. - Lunala

Smokers are people who are trying to painfully kill themselves. - LemonComputer

Especially when they bring up race. - LordDovahkiin

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155 Perpetual motions like twiddling thumbs, bobbing foot

Some people have physical or mental problems that cause perpetual motion. Its not their fault. You should try THINKING BEFORE YOU SPEAKING!

I tap my foot and do random fidget things without knowing. I also bite my fingernails a lot, but I'm a tomboy who could care less about painting nails. (Also my nail painting skills suck.) - Lunala

Most people have Anxiety (Social Anxiety is the worst for me...). I have Social Anxiety an try can drives me crazy if I'm in a crowded place. - GirlyAnimeLover

I have anxiety and Autism so this is extremely common for me to do at school, because I feel more anxious when I don't do this. However, I taught myself to do small movements so nobody gets annoyed. :). - LemonComputer

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156 Facebookers

People who put their whole day on facebook like someone actually cares, then they get the cursing out someone without using their name it's like, can we know who you are talking about first...

Facebook is a mixed. I don't use it much. I have seen trolls attack a page for having a different opinion. - Lunala

I used to be on Facebook but now my account belongs to my sister. - LemonComputer

157 People who don't show up on dates / appointments and don't bother to call. V 1 Comment
158 People who wear camoflauge clothing

What's Wrong With You People! Can't You Tell That's Ugly!

159 Obama

Uh, a president's ideas must be supported by enough people to pass. The reason he isn't "doing anything" is because people like you don't support him. You do realize that he needs people to vote for his ideas for them to pass, right?

The reason he couldn't do anything was his own fault. Besides if his ideas were rejected, that means they are bad. Because he's a liberal. All of their ideas are bad. - LordDovahkiin

YES. He was a God awful president. - LordDovahkiin

Nothing he has done has been good or successful, besides killing Osama.

So true

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160 Talking with food in your mouth

Like who the f wants to see the food that's in your mouth... It's chewed up and looks gross and it makes the person look like there 3

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