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161 People who always have to be right and act like you are bad for correcting them
162 When people tell you 'Nevermind'

It's some party and my friend calls me over. She says something, but I couldn't hear her over the party, do I had to ask her to repeat what she said a couple times. Instead, she says 'never mind'. It's rude and as her friend, I want to know what's up.

Ikr,like they get annoyed when I ask them to repeat it

163 Missing your airplane and having to wait in the airport for a million hours
164 Offensive Brats V 1 Comment
165 Calling an individual soldier a troop

Look it up a troop is a group not an individual.

166 People who miss their lips while putting on chapstick

Oh man, c'mon it's not like you can't see or feel them!

I hate it!

Or lipstick...
*coughs* Miranda Sings *coughs*
Any other fans?

167 Fascists Pretending to Be Republicans

Nothing worse than a fascist calling themselves Republicans when all they are in simple terms is a radical bent on gaining and abusing power.

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168 Busy Signals
169 Calling It Nail Paint

It drives me crazy when women say they are painting their nails. Doesn't it sound better to polish your nails? You paint your house and you polish your nails. - mydawgz

170 When someone's hood is inside out

It's so simple to fix and yet so many people just leave it!

171 Pointing at your wrist when asking for the time

I know where my watch is. Where's yours? Do I point at my crotch when asking for the bathroom?

You got that answer from another girl

172 Crying Babies

On airplanes, they can't handle the pressure so they can't really help it. But in restaurants, malls, or any other public place, parents should do something about it!

They're babies. They can't talk. What else are they supposed to do?

It bugs me so much, but it's the only way it can communicate!

The babies can't help it, but it can be annoying

173 When teachers blame you for things you didn't do and you are defenseless

This always happens because Justin Bieber and The Annoying Orange exist.

This happens to me...

... While the guy next to me plays paper football and smokes in class.

174 T.V. ads

The ads on T.V. at bottom of the screen when you are trying to watch a show. Very annoying!

Some are entertaining but repetitive playing of ads can be annoying as hell. - LightningBlade

175 Though they can't help it, people who smell like a pee diaper

Um... They can help it. My mom has incontinence and she's in her early 50s. She refuses to use pads and yells at me when I give her a ride in my car and make her sit on a towel. I don't want my car to smell like Pee... Sorry mom!

176 People who stare into your car whilst you're in it

There are some rules to this, 1) its okay if they glance in and walk off. 2) its not okay to just stand there and stare into your car whilst your sat there. 3) its definitely not okay to stand and do your hair in the car window whilst your car is right next to you.

My pet peeve is your over usage of whilst.

177 Conservatives

You people are dumb

I hate conservatives

They are so annoying

Seriously - GirlyAnimeLover

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178 Way too sensitive friends

You know what I mean.
-looks over my shoulder, reading a cartoon I'm drawing aloud-
"Blah blah blah blah blah..."
Teacher: Girls! The drawing has to stop, it's a distraction to you both."
Me (thinking): Oh my StarClan. This happens EVERY DAY! Do you have to invade my space and read everything you see aloud?! I guess I'll just pave my fury with a joke...
Me, jokingly: What have you done?!
-friend whimpers, feelings severely hurt- R- r- really?
Me: Um, no! Not at all! Heheh... I have to go now! - Emberflight_of_StormClan

179 When there are no spoons at fancy resturants
180 Improper Use of the Word "technically"

Technically I don't know! Bye and its annoying to me! Don't be judgmental because I am my own person in my own way! Bye.. Again!

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