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161 People who always think they are right and won't believe you

Anti-Vaccers... They wont accept scientific proof that their claims about vaccines are incorrect. - LemonComputer

That's well annoying... HATE IT


John Cena!

162 One Word Responses

Grammar Nazi. Also, do you really want people I answer like 5-10 paragraphs comment? - GirlyAnimeLover

Maybe they don't know how to respond to your message? - LemonComputer

When I e-mailed one of my camp friends all she said was "Hi." I mean, come on! - mayamanga


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163 People who can't wait to file a lawsuit in order to get rich quick
164 Infomercials

I hate exaggerations and lies aimed to the general public. Not all people are sucking their thumbs (meaning not all people are stupid).

Laugh out loud having to sit through them is the worst when you are trying to get back to your show that you were originally watching. Plus they are pretty much pointless.

stop trying to sell things that i dont want!

Hey, keep in mind that these companies are struggling and trying to make money. I should know- I've had some personal experiences with them. I dislike infomercials, too, but just keep this in mind.

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165 When people get grilled not crispy

This person is clearly ignorant.

Why would anyone EVER do that? Crispy tastes a LOT better! If you're gonna eat a burger... It's already fattening might as well make it taste good!

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166 When people pick their scabs in front of you

Just 'When people pick their scabs' would be enough. Picking scabs is actually pretty bad to your body too, so why do it? - LemonComputer

That is just disgusting and if they get the scab they eat it!

In 4th grade kids did this a lot. They even ate the scabs too! - Lunala

167 People who do not understand hunting

I love animals but I think Hunting is fine if you do it legally, and use up most/all of what you kill instead of wasting it. Poachers deserve all the hate. - Lunala

Wow not everyone grew up knowing about hunting, get over it

Killing animals for fun, food, clothing, decoration - madoog


168 People who always have to be right and act like you are bad for correcting them
169 When people tell you 'Nevermind'

It's some party and my friend calls me over. She says something, but I couldn't hear her over the party, do I had to ask her to repeat what she said a couple times. Instead, she says 'never mind'. It's rude and as her friend, I want to know what's up.

Ikr,like they get annoyed when I ask them to repeat it

Dictionary of the 21st Century

Nevermind (phrase):

You were too stupid to understand first time, so there's no point repeating - redhawk766

170 Missing your airplane and having to wait in the airport for a million hours
171 Offensive Brats V 1 Comment
172 Comic sans
173 That annoying group of kids in a public restroom
174 Calling an individual soldier a troop

Look it up a troop is a group not an individual.

That is ONE definition. Another refers to an individual soldier. The meaning of the word depends on context though. - LordDovahkiin

175 People who miss their lips while putting on chapstick

Oh man, c'mon it's not like you can't see or feel them!

I hate it!

I don't wear makeup. I tried putting on lip crayon a while back but ended up looking like Miranda Sings ate a big tub of frosting - Lunala

Or lipstick...
*coughs* Miranda Sings *coughs*
Any other fans?

176 Fascists Pretending to Be Republicans

Nothing worse than a fascist calling themselves Republicans when all they are in simple terms is a radical bent on gaining and abusing power.

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177 Busy Signals
178 Calling It Nail Paint

It drives me crazy when women say they are painting their nails. Doesn't it sound better to polish your nails? You paint your house and you polish your nails. - mydawgz

179 When someone's hood is inside out

It's so simple to fix and yet so many people just leave it!

180 Pointing at your wrist when asking for the time

I know where my watch is. Where's yours? Do I point at my crotch when asking for the bathroom?

You got that answer from another girl

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