Putting others down


It's like some people don't like to be in good mood what's worse? They like kill your buzz. Like my elder sister I tell her so excited "I mate this guy we're having such a good time" she be like "ya have been there it's only for a while you will separate soon" what the hell?

One time my brother told his best friend that the reason I get mad easily is because I'm autistic, which is extremely offensive in my opinion. And another time at school, almost the entire class was laughing at a special-needs kid doing something weird. Those are some nasty opinions if you ask me. - Powerfulgirl10

A guy in my class has special needs and I feel really bad for him because he's really smart; he just needs a chance. - yuki-blue

why does people get jealous when someone is greater than them. being great is very fine, as long as you don't bump into people's ways. definitely, the worst thing in the world. when someone pulls me down, I want to smack his idiotic and hypocrite face until he gets his lesson. - ronluna

i hate the people who do this. they put other people down because theyre selfish, arrogant horrible people. theyre not needed in the world and really need to take a look at themselves - the person theyre putting down is far better than they are. - Jeheffiner

this is the most annoying thing that hypocrite people around the whole world wants to do. they make fun of things and a person even if its not funny at all. they should receive some notorious and deadly retaliate movements from me. - ronluna

And 99% of the time what they say is rubbish anyway - Bec

It usually comes from others who are in a worse position than you. Putting down someones character is probably the worst thing you can do for your own character. It just makes you look stupid and jealous.

In such cases, jealousy of some people. "hey, that guy had success, and I'm jealous about it, I'll bash him until he get his reputation downhill. " - ronluna

They are a human being, Now if the was you you wouldn't like anyone to treat you that way. So respect every living person the way you want to be respected. God Bless!

I work with handicapped teenagers and I see the cheerleaders and football players putting them down... Pisses me off to no extent

Ugh I was bullied so much in the past that I would listen to horrible rumors about me every day... At least it's over...

I hate this is wish I could kill everyone like this this sometimes happens with your dad or sister!

Usually done by the school preps, and most of the time, they're only talking about themselves

I don't like seeing the world let down by so many mean people who have nothing better to do.

When you talk behind someone's back, that means you're a chicken.

Usually done to try to make themselves look better.

the most annoying thing to be experienced. - ronluna

Done by the school dumba$$es to act tough

For Real! "Hey mom guess what? I just went to Church and made new friends! "
Mom- "that's nice, your dog just peed on the floor, have to go"

Your a dick if you put others down. Go eat an ice-cream and be nice to people.

I think it is not correct for you to put othewrs down becaue you would not like for someone to do the same to you you should respect others as you would like them to respect you in stead of you putting them down tell them good and giv e them support for them to strive to be the best

This should be #1
Yo, I've already had ENOUGH people to patronize me. Now I just feel that kind, non-judgemental people are "one-of-a-kind" if you know what I mean.

This is to the person who said they were deaf.

Honestly I think deaf people are really cool. They have a whole different way of speaking to each other, a different language. I went to this place once and I saw a deaf guy and his girlfriend talking in sign language and I thought it was the coolest thing I had ever seen.