Top 10 Best Peter Green Era Fleetwood Mac Songs

The Top Ten

1 Albatross Albatross Cover Art
2 Black Magic Woman Black Magic Woman Cover Art

Many people are shocked when they find out that the Santana version was just a cover, and that Peter Green himself wrote this and did the original version.

3 Man of the World Man of the World Cover Art
4 Oh Well Oh Well Cover Art
5 Shake Your Money Maker Shake Your Money Maker Cover Art
6 Need Your Love So Bad Need Your Love So Bad Cover Art

One of the most beautiful songs of all time

Probably the best blues song of all time - the various takes on pious bird 2004 remix leave it in no doubt that Peter Green is the greatest guitarist of all time

7 Rattlesnake Shake Rattlesnake Shake Cover Art
8 The Green Manalishi (With the Two Pronged Crown) The Green Manalishi (With the Two Pronged Crown) Cover Art

An awesome song. It has that slow, lumbering vibe to it; this is appropriate because he wrote it after a terrifying nightmare where a green dog barked at him, symbolizing his "need" to give up his money. - Gg2000

Judas Priest covered it

9 Stop Messin' Around
10 Searching for Madge

The Contenders

11 My Heart Beats Like a Hammer My Heart Beats Like a Hammer Cover Art

Best fleet wood Mac song

12 Coming Your Way Coming Your Way Cover Art
13 Without You Without You Cover Art
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