Best Peter Griffin Quotes

The Top Ten Best Peter Griffin Quotes

1 Hey I was gonna pick at that!
2 Fish food?! That's your weapon! What harm can fish food cause?! Uh Oh. AHHHHH!!
3 I love pancakes love pancakes they make me a happy Peter!
4 A bird bird bird. Bird is the word!
5 Ok, make like Siamese twins and split... Then one of you die
6 Holy crap! Anyone else feel that?
7 Y2K What are you selling chicken or sex jelly?
8 Woah Lois this is not my batman glass
9 Shut up Meg

Iconic Peter Griiffin line

10 Buttscratcher! Buttscracther! Buttscracther!

The Contenders

11 Women are not people, they are devices built by the lord Jesus Christ for our entertainment

I guess this is why Family Guy is more of a blokes cartoon.

That is very offensive! Not cool!

12 If I was fat, could I do this with a hula hoop?
13 Attention, restaurant customers. Testicles. That is all.
14 You poop in your dreams you poop for real
15 Omg who the hell cares

Then who the hell cares about Peter Griffin.

16 Lois, men aren't fat. Only fat women are fat.

That is very sexist and body shaming towards women.

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