Top Ten Worst Things About Cats

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1 Violence

Okay, this item is true. Cats do fight a lot and it's really annoying when they won't leave each other alone.

2 They Don't Even Like You

Cats are the worst creatures on Earth. They don't care about their owners, they smell like pee, they're ugly as sin, and they scratch innocent people.

I have felling that this person who made this list is a dog-person, cause my cat loves me! When I am crying, my cat sits on my lap.My cat always is happy when I come home from school

Maybe sometimes, but my cat sits with me all of the time. He's actually sitting with me as I'm writing this.

3 Purring

Okay, fine. I just remembered my old Cat. I admit. I'm overexaggerating. Purring IS adorable...

Purring means that they're happy!

Um, I like it when cats purr. It's cute.

4 They Won't Protect You

What about the Tara the hero cat? Huh? Huh? HUH?!

Excuse me? Dogs kill more people then cats.

Cats aren't meant to be protectors though.

5 They Aren't Domesticated
6 They Aren't Playful

Dude, my cat constantly wants to play. She goes bonkers twice a day, running around, crashing into things to expend energy. Eventually she will settle down and take a nap, but she would be just fine being awoken to play string.

Dis is the dumbest list I've ever heard of. I can say some real facts that are based on my super cuddly, luvy-duvy kitty. 1. He sometimes scratches me when were playing. 2. He can smell (lol) 3. He is literally nocturnal. But, I can go on and on and on about GOOD things about my kitty! I'm not hating cats, I love them so much because they're so cute and they're funny and they're playful! Even the strays that I feed in manila, philippines are nice!

7 They Run Away More

But, they always return (unless something unfortunately happens to them).

8 They Bring You Dead Critters

Which just goes to disprove "They don't even like you." The reason they bring you dead critters is their way of showing you how much they care about you.

Gross! I do not want a cat in my house, ever! Bringing dead critters makes me feel sad for the dead animals. POOR ANIMALS!

Not true, at least for me. I have owned a cat for 5 years and not once have they brought a dead critter.

9 They are Lazy

This is totally untrue. Many cats love running, jumping, climbing, and some enjoy activities more commonly associated with dogs like playing fetch, going for walks, navegating agility courses, and even swimming! Sure, some breeds are more laid-back than others (cough, cough, Persian), but this is also true with dogs and rabbits! The great thing about this variety between breeds is that people can pick a furry friend based on their personal (or in this case "purrsonal") lifestyle. If you are an athletic, outgoing human, or just doubt that cats can be anything but furniture with fur, please check out my list, Most Energetic Cat Breeds.

10 They Come in the Same Shapes, Personalities, and Sizes; Dogs' Breeds Vary

Lies. My three cats act different, and look different. I don't want to go into great detail because it would take forever, but they are all each super unique and cute. Now, go shove off, stupid biased dog people that based all of their research off cliches and stereotypes.

Hey how about hairless cats? Munchkins? Pointy faces? Tabbies? Calicos? Pushed in faces? Mean cats? Friendly cats? I could go on and on!

This is a horrible list. Every reason is terrible.

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11 They are Afraid of Common Things

Not all of them. One of my cats couldn't care less about most of the things that scare some other cats.

Imagine the things that humans are afraid of that cats don't care about.

Well humans are scared of spiders which are everywhere.

12 They Break Things

My cat broke the T.V. and my flower pot I made in school, I was so angry at him, he jumped on it and broke it, he also broke my moms candle holder by jumping on a plant and knocking it over

13 They Hate Human Beings
14 They are Stupid
15 They Aren't Loyal

They don't care about you at all! This is way dogs are better.

16 They Spread Hair Everywhere

Other animals do too. That's not really a reason to hate them though, maybe unless you're allergic, as it's a natural thing.

Dogs shed as well. And before you tell me "All cat breeds shed", there are cat breeds that don't shed.

17 They Poop Too Much
18 They are Very Fat

Umm, that isn't very bad. Also, some cats are starving.

19 They Love Being in Dangerous High Things
20 They Don't Accept You When You Feed Them

It takes time for cats to accept you and trust you.

They do? They do tricks, like dogs!

21 They Have a Morbid Amusement

Before I moved in to my current house as a baby, the previous homeowners had a cat. According to my mom, it stole the owner's USED UNDERWEAR and stuffed it in the tiles of our basement ceiling. We found a lovely surprise after moving in.

22 They Aren't Friendly
23 They Wreck Your Furniture
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