Best PewDiePie Amnesia Characters

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1 Stephano

I miss Stephano so much! Watching his old Amnesia videos are kinda comforting but not really due to the nostalgia.

I think anyone can agree that Stephano is the best. He is made out of gold and his sarcastic trait is very attractive so is his nice sharp voice.

Pewdiepie and Stephano are so cute together. (not in the gay kind of way) But they would make a great couple.

Stephano is the coolest character Pewdiepie is the second coolest.

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2 Mr.Chair

Mr. Chair teaches Pewdie chair mode so he could be safe Pewdie didn't believe him but he tried it once and it actually worked if it weren't for him Pewdie would've died.

3 Piggeh

Why would anyone not like Piggeh? Stephano is the best and Piggeh is the second best.

4 Pupe
5 The Bro

The bro is a pervert just like Piggeh but he's not unlikable as for a pervert.

6 Jennifer

Jennifer loves Pewdie!

7 Gonzales

Stephano's twin brother who is sliver.

8 Bengt

Bengt the ball!

9 Martin

I like the way Pewdiepie says "Martin" its just so catchy!

10 Mayo

Mayo the table!

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11 Torso

The Torso is just a part of the bro and gets eaten by the water monster like a tasty juicy fresh cooked meat.

12 Teleporting Naked Guys

They are kinda creepy.

13 Untrusted Statues

Pewdie: "I DON'T TRUST YOU! "

14 Torchy

Pewdie used him as a lighter.

15 Mini Mayo

The Small version of Mayo the table!

16 Glass Stephano
17 Sven the Boat
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