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1 Stephano

Stephano is very sexy and attractive because of his nice raspy voice, his sarcastic trait, him being a tough guy, his awesome golden machete weapon and the fact that he is made out of gold. He also has a brother Gonzales which looks just like him but he is sliver and there are more then golden edition Stephano there is a Stephano made out of glass, and a bronze one. He also wears a hood which I find very attractive.

Amnesia: Mini golden statue that pewdiepie talks to, Stephano leads him to safety (or tries two)

Stephano is made out of gold so is the number 1 box. Pewdiepie playing Amnesia is fun but with Stephano it's so much better.

Stephano: "If you hit me one more time I slice you in the balls". That was a very funny Stephano moment.

2 Mr. Chair

Amnesia: Used to throw at guard servant (the bro) and also protects pewdiepie by letting him hide behind them. He then says "chair mode activate boop"

He is pewds' most helpful assistant.

Chair mode activate :D

Mr. Chair is AWESOME to bad Irresponsable Snoop and Jenifer Lopez are BAD parents :(

3 Jennifer

Amnesia: Rock prop that loves pewdiepie, and appears in several games because of how common rocks are

Jennifer is the most boring Amnesia character from Pewdiepie but at least she isn't a jerk.

4 Irresponsible Dad

He's hilarious yelling at little timmy and all!

He's flipping cool his son swell:-D he sucks


Happy wheels: The character pewdiepie chooses the most in this game, and hates his son, because he is disappointing and is probably gay

5 Barrels

Amnesia: The main enemy in PewDiePies world, they are pure evil, attract enemies and leads pewdiepie in the wrong directions

Pewdiepie shouting Barrels is really the only scary thing about him playing Amnesia after the part where the bro chases him.

Pure, wooden, curved evil


6 Sven

Get Sven to the top five!

7 Water sheep

He was a father to me. I loved him like a son.

8 Gonzalo

Facade: The main person pewdiepie uses in the game facade, he gets closest to winning the game with this character, but still fails

9 Ainsley
10 The Bro

Amnesia: The servant guard that pewdiepie thinks is a bro despite the servant killing him countless times

The Bro just wants some attention so give him some by voting him he's not the best but at least give him a little attention.

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11 Piggeh

Amnesia: A dead pig in amnesia that has the catch phrase "I'm pumped" and is used to distract enemies

Lol even though these are from stupid video games I'd never play they are funny names.

I don't see why your on here if you don't like it.

Piggeh says "I'm pumped! " and Mr. Chair says "Chair mode! "

12 Timmy

Happy Wheels: The Irresponsible Dad's (supposedly) gay son whose father neglects him, and often gets him killed.

13 Shannon

Stranded Deep: A Shark Who Wants To Fly
And Teleport And Hangs Out With Pewds
Dr. Crab And Heather

14 Bengt the ball

Bengt also shows up in Among the sleep in the second game they made Bengt an actual character and in Among the sleep Gandalf the pink elephant is an actual character in the enhanced version.

Lucius: A beach ball carries around with Lucius every time he is about to kill someone, until he is replaced by Mercedes (a tricycle)

15 Bob

Surgeon Simulator 2013: Pewdie's surgical patient

16 Flappy Bird

Ain't nobody get trough his Flappy hole!

17 Falcon Lover

He is a giraffe that is mlg.

18 Poppy Harlow

A very trustworthy news reporter

19 Gloria Borger

The best one

Same as Poppy Harlow. These two will always stay as my favourite news reporters👏🏻

20 Joergen
21 Vespa

Happy wheels: The Segway that Segway guy has sexual feelings for in the game, and will make kiss noises towards her when he falls off

22 Martin

Amnesia: Poofing naked guys in this game that scare pewdiepie in every custom story he plays

I like the way Pewdie says "Martin! "

23 Skully

His voice sounds the same as Stephano's!

Amnesia: A skull and PewDiePies second ever talking character, he appears in several games and is a mutual friend of pewdipe

24 Seagull

The most powerful animal

25 Pee Pee Poo Poo
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