Top Ten Best PewDiePie Characters

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1 Stephano

Amnesia: Mini golden statue that pewdiepie talks to, Stephano leads him to safety (or tries two)

I miss Stephano...

Where did he go? :'(

2 Mr. Chair

Amnesia: Used to throw at guard servant (the bro) and also protects pewdiepie by letting him hide behind them. He then says "chair mode activate boop"

Mr. Chair is AWESOME to bad Irresponsable Snoop and Jenifer Lopez are BAD parents :(

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3 Irresponsible Dad

He's hilarious yelling at little timmy and all!

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4 Jennifer

Amnesia: Rock prop that loves pewdiepie, and appears in several games because of how common rocks are

5 Barrels

Amnesia: The main enemy in PewDiePies world, they are pure evil, attract enemies and leads pewdiepie in the wrong directions

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6 Gonzalo

Facade: The main person pewdiepie uses in the game facade, he gets closest to winning the game with this character, but still fails

7 The Bro

Amnesia: The servant guard that pewdiepie thinks is a bro despite the servant killing him countless times

8 Timmy
9 Piggeh

Amnesia: A dead pig in amnesia that has the catch phrase "I'm pumped" and is used to distract enemies

10 Flappy Bird

Ain't nobody get trough his Flappy hole!

The Contenders

11 Bengt the ball

Lucius: A beach ball carries around with Lucius every time he is about to kill someone, until he is replaced by Mercedes (a tricycle)

12 Bob

Surgeon Simulator 2013: Pewdie's surgical patient

13 Shannon
14 Vespa

Happy wheels: The Segway that Segway guy has sexual feelings for in the game, and will make kiss noises towards her when he falls off

15 Ainsley
16 Falcon Lover

He is a giraffe that is mlg.

17 Martin

Amnesia: Poofing naked guys in this game that scare pewdiepie in every custom story he plays

18 Skully

Amnesia: A skull and PewDiePies second ever talking character, he appears in several games and is a mutual friend of pewdipe

19 Mercedes

Lucius: Tricycle Lucius rides around to help him get to the places he goes to kill people

20 Farsa

Best train in the world!

21 Chan
22 Polisbil
23 Mr Crab

The crab in stranded deep, who always tries to get away from pewds

Dr Crab is the most awesome crab in the world. And he's the frist crab who ever became a doctor.

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