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1 Slender's woods

This video brought me to watching pewdiepie, One year I was looking for slenderman videos to watch, and came across this one. I forget which episode it was, but it was one when he was heading into the mine. So, a few minutes of watching it, I clicked out of it saying I was never going to watch this YouTuber. After a few months or year, I came across "Teens react: Slenderman" so I watched that, and they brought up the video of pewdiepie playing the same episode I watched the few months or year. And I was like, "OH That's the guy that I watched before! " and I started to watch his videos ever since.

Found it really hard to choose one because I think every video he makes is hilarious

His screaming reactions are the best! Such a good laugh

Yes it's so good

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2 Lucius

I found Lucius so funny!

Lucius was so awesome!

Lucius was how I found pewds and it was hilarious😂

3 Happy wheels part 1

Laugh out loud I DON'T CARE! My friend said she hated PewDiePie and thought he was stupid. I showed her this video. She was cracking up. I never had a YouTube star make me laugh THAT much.

He's just so up beat and funny.. He changes your mood if you feel down and Is randomly funny :L :P been watching him for 2and a half years now.. One of my favourite youtubers

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4 slenderman the 8 pages

So good I loved it

5 Pizza delivery
6 The last of us gameplay

Good game go and watch it!

It has jump scares in it and he will make you laugh!

If you like zombies your like this video I have WATCH ALL of the videos hope you enjoy the last of us

BEST BEST BEST! Love it when poods does a series! And this was the most exciting one yet. His commentary was hilarious and the way he connected with Ellie was emotional yet beautiful. Watching him play this was my summer 2013. God damn the nostalgia!

I cried on the first video it's so sad when Joel was almost gonna die. But he lived! Praise The Lord!

Really really really good, no lie, I can't express the love for this game and series

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7 Pizza delivery 2
8 Most Frustrating game every!!!
9 To the moon

This is one of the few games that pewdiepie played that were really meaningful and beautiful. It made me cry several times. It was the best thing he ever played.

I wish pewdiepie would play mor games like this. Especially sense a sequels coming out soon

To the Moon was an epic story. I'm glad Pewds recorded a gameplay of it :D I like pixelized games such as this, never gets old.

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10 Outlast

Its one of my favorite games

So scary and funny

Underrated LP. This one and the dlc were pretty funny.


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11 The Walking Dead Episodes

The walking dead played by PewDiePie is one of the best game plays on youtube. Everything from the humour of Felix to the sad parts of the game. You get emotionally connected to the game and can sympathize and relate to Felix when he shares how he is feeling. I would give this game play beyond the range in which you vote from, It surpassed my exceptions and I think anyone watching would feel the same.

You will cry so much

Twd is really cool, with pewds is to cool to type C: - XMrGentlemanX

Come on! it's TWD who doesn't like TWD?

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12 Amnesia: The Dark Descent

I like when he plays amnesia because his screams are so funny

I had me on the end of my seat cracking up in tears

That's my favourite gameplaying of PewDiePie, because he made me diying of laughing how he screams like little girl and says bad words.. - AlexandraMoonDust

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13 Five Nights At Freddy's

Irs sooo cool

14 Goat Simulator

I can't help but crack up every single time I watch these! Honestly I was broken inside when he stopped the serires. Bring it back pewds.

15 A new horror adventure!

There will be more of these coming soon bros! - PewDiePie

This is really something good

16 PewDiePie Reacts To: Elders React To: PewDiePie
17 Uncharted 4
18 The Forest

This was so funny I loved the glorious hand and Shannon the shark😂

19 Funny Gaming Montage!

My sister showed me one of the montages and I was hooked, that was about 3 years ago and I've watch almost every single video since then.

Why pick one video when you can pic a montage Pewds made? The montage included:

Rise Of Nightmares
Doom 3
Just Dance 4
Happy Wheels
Bloody Trapland
Parappa The Rapper
Can Your Pet?
Evie (Existor)
Spongebob (Mod)
Horse (Mod)
Walking Dead

I just love his montages, they have the best moments of his best videos

It is so funny! They include Amnesia, Happy Wheels, Fridrays With PewDiePie, Bloody Trapland, Can Your Pet and many more! Chuckle!

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20 Fridays With Peeewdiepieee
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