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21 Amnesia V 1 Comment
22 Until Dawn

This game is one of the best horror series that pewds has ever played! There's tons of jumpscares and his reactions are hilarious


This should have been in top 5! This is way too funny!

24 Pewds Does Everything
25 Beyond: Two Souls

This was a game that you didn't want to end. It was hilarious and the game play was awesome

I thought it was a very beautiful game. Confusing at points. But really awesome! 100/100

It was beautiful, funny, and a whirlwind of emotions! 10/10

26 Bloody Trapland
27 Facade

These videos should at least be top 10!

28 Skate 3 playlist

Best video ever I cried every time

I second that bros

Watched them over 4 times each and it still cracks me up to te extent of tears and my stomach hurting

Great video

V 2 Comments
29 YouTube Whore

I laughed so much!

30 Wolf Among Us Episodes

Loved these Pewdiepie has got to make episode 5 of this

31 Bully

Often forgotten but one of his best.

32 Misao
33 Heavy Rain

So good, I even watched during school it was too addicting

34 Funny Montage
35 Prop Hunt
36 Falcon Lover
37 Corpse Party

Really good story and funny commentary. Probably my favorite game from pewds

V 1 Comment
38 Reacting to Pewdiepie Hate Videos

One of the funniest videos I have ever seen

39 My Girlfriend
40 SCP Containment Breach Part 2
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