PG-13 Movies That Should Have Been Rated R


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1 Live Free or Die Hard V 1 Comment
2 Taken V 3 Comments
3 2012

A majority of Earth's people died. It needed to have blood and less comedy. - Hernandez1614

4 Pearl Harbor

So Teens Don't Have To See A Michael Bay Film

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5 Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy
6 Sucker Punch
7 The Dark Knight

There is a psychopath in the movie who kills people for fun. Sometimes is disturbing.

I'm concerned how kids are going to react after parents take them to see this movie.

Sometimes the impression is more than the actual vision.

No, it fits PG-13 - PeeledBanana

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8 Insidious

Very scary and needs to be rated. However, once you start watching the movie, it will give you a definite lesson such as don't be so ignorant about having no idea of ghost existence. They are everywhere and they can attack anyone else. Above all, be aware and open your mind when you're buying a house that is not familiar to you especially its history.

Creepy, creepy. It's a little too much for this 13-year old.

Yass...Insidious and the rest of the Insidious series should definitely be rated R

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9 Terminator Salvation

This movie shouldn't have been Rated R. Actually, the first three probably could've been rated PG-13 today - maybe. People jump at blood in a movie. They think it's really bad. I don't understand it.

This movie shouldn't have been R. It was a cool movie, but confusing. I liked Terminator 2 way more. - Alpha101

10 Drag Me to Hell

Very disturbing movie, too much, I believe for a thirteen year old. It also delves into deeper and perhaps, darker themes than outwardly supposed, such as eating disorders (If you don't believe me about this, just watch the movie and try to pick up on the hints, there are a lot. )

There is literally a scene which resembles emetophilia. This should be R.

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11 World War Z

Whoever made this PG-13 should be shot in the face because zombies and PG-13 do not mix at all, zombie movies NEED to be excessively gory

12 The Wolverine

This movie is bloody and includes sequences of strong violence, this movie shouldn't even be pg-13 on the theatrical version.

I can see the dark shadow of the private parts of wolverine when nude in a bath tub.

13 Robocop (2014)

This is R

14 The Ring

This movie's a little intense for a PG-13 rating.

15 Marvel's The Avengers

This movie is barely even worthy of PG-13 it is more like PG

Yeah I still can't see this being below PG-13 there is a lot of destruction and stuff. Plus a weed joke. - Extractinator04

Coulson's death almost caused the entire movie to be R

16 Ace Ventura: Pet Detective V 2 Comments
17 Titanic

Too much nudity. - BoltMarksman

Not even close to being rated R.

18 Spectre
19 The Bourne Identity
20 Billy Madison

Why should that be R. If any Adam Sandler movie should be rated R that isn't, it would be You Don't Mess With the Zohan.

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1. The Dark Knight
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1. Live Free or Die Hard
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3. Pearl Harbor



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