Top 10 PG Overdubbings of Profane Expressions

When a movie with foul language is shown on regular television, often times the profanity is dubbed over with a replacement phrase that is designed to match the character's intentions and mouth movements, but in a way that is more audience friendly. Frequently this results in a moment of unintended comedy gold featuring an intense character appearing to say an off the wall, never before heard expression, in a voice that doesn't quite match their own.

For this list, let's try to assemble the ultimate collection of possible overdubbings. They may be phrases that have actually been used, or a new creation, but it should be apparent what profane expression they are replacing.

The Top Ten

1 Slug In a Ditch

I've actually heard this before. I was just sitting there like an idiot wondering what the heck that was supposed to mean. - RockFashionista

It sounds so disgusting I hate slugs they look so horrible and I hate there slime.

2 Melon Farmers
3 Fight a Stranger in the Alps
4 Son of a Nutcracker

Buddy the elf! - ryanrimmel

5 Holy Arceus!
6 Oh Sugar Honey Iced Tea

Best line from Madagascar

7 Zookeeper
8 Dog Help Me Jim

I just made this up, so don't try to figure out what this means, because it means absolutely nothing. - RalphBob

9 Gammit
10 Wally Wick!
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