Best Phantom Forces Player

The Top Ten

1 Paradox Tommy
2 Artho (Paradox Artho)
3 Andypachu (Paradox Andy)
4 Hypo XE
5 Paradox Triplez
6 Soundz XE
7 PettySniping (Paradox Petty)
8 Paradox zZera
9 Waveshined XE
10 Gabe XE

The Contenders

11 Ruben Sim

lol memes

12 Oscar
13 GodStatus
14 RaGe Snowy

Oh my lord he killed me like 14 times and got 100 kills in one round he did a no scope on a far range this guy is a god! He used Remington 700 and like never missed!


16 Paradox Poke
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