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21 What was on Earth before time began?

Earth didn't exist in the beginning of time

Well. Earth wasn't there so

This is a stupid question. Not just oops! But pure logic should guide you away from this questin

There was me! - LordDovahkiin

22 Is there a way to get a fictional character to life?

Yes of course. You have to ask first permission by an apple who was picked up by an unicorn. Afterwards you make a soup and invite a butterfly ( any butterfly will do ) to eat together with you. Then you ask the butterfly your wish and he goes flying to the southpole to ask his master ( nobody really knows who he is ) and he will decide if your wish will come true. It's simple as making a car!

Probably, because I'd love to put Erza Scarlet into this world as my body guard - Fandom_Lover

Yes... Method acting.

I'd bang Laura Croft, Black Widow, Wonder Woman and Ms.Marvel.

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23 Why is it possible for some people like or love things others don't like or hate?

Because different things appeal to different people. Everyone in the world has a unique brain, even though everyone's brain functions the same. (Unless you take drugs or have mental illness.) Okay, my point is, you can't please everyone. It's almost like with how people view physical appearance. Different styles appeal to different people. Same goes with music, movies, television, books, social media, and so much more. - RockFashionista

I voted for this because my girlfriend is best friends with the person I hate - EGreen

Because some people can't defend their opinions on their stand on certain things when questioned.

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24 Will rock n' roll comeback or is it officially died?

First of all, there's nothing phenomenal about this question, second, it's not grammatically correct. - RockFashionista

As long as I'm alive rock n roll will live! I'm 15 and a female and I don't care my religious family thinks of me, go guns n roses comeback! 1rock will live!

Rock and roll will never die. The Original " rebel side " of rock and roll is over, that's for sure. It was a rebelious musical form in the 50's and 60's ( a anti-establishment ) but when time moved on it became accepted by the establishment itselfs ( mainly because they knew how to make money of it ). The last attempt to make rock and roll rebelious and dangerous again was in the mid-seventies with punk rock but that was really more a searching to be provocative and therefore a faillure in a social context. Rock and roll is not dead and it comes back once and a while but you will never have the real thing again. The best you can get is a revival of the music ( or just listen to all this great rock and roll records of the past.).

I think this is my most repeated question - ahmedaser

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25 How many pounds does Nicki Minaj's butt weigh?

Wow! Is this a phenomenal question? Or is the one who wrote this question a phenomenal thing?

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26 Is Kendall Jenner Actually A Man?

I don't know if Kim Kardashian is a man... - AlphaQ

27 Is it possible that we don't live in the present?

Just because there's a delay of lightwaves and soundwaves to reach the signal in our brains doesn't mean that we don't live in the present. Your body is there and the delay in your brains doesn't change the presence of your body. You're simply not conscience of the speed of light and sound. And conscience is psychological, not physical! The question here is if we don't live in the present, not of our conscience of it. In other words, we live in the present because you have to exist with a body and a mind to have the experience ( even a delayed experience ) of a present. It's also conscience that gives us the " feeling " of time. Time is relative on a universal scale. The measurement of speed of light and sound is a calculation made up by men. The time of speed doesn't exist by itself.

Yes. Light and sound take time to reach us, so all the things we see, hear, touch, taste and smell have already happened by the time we experience them. When we see a bird fly by, for example, that event is already in the past by the time we experience. So yes we do not live in the present.

Well, DUH! It's the present to us, but reference to doctor who when the master takes over the first time as Harry Saxon, its hard to explain, but there was a paradox that made an entire year never happen, so the present was a year BEHIND. BAM PARADOX!

Time flies fast,they say. Every seconds don't make you live in the present. One second,you're in the present then that was now in the past. - kontrahinsunu

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28 What is life?

What is life or what is your life? Life itself is a reaction of energy from chemicals. Your life is that your aware of your existence. The meaning of life or your life is another question.

Life is a matter of chance in priorities and to meet fellow humans in the only planet to sustain life. - kontrahinsunu

Life is when you are not dead - Nateawesomeness

Halsey is life. Life is what you care about. - lovefrombadlands

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29 When you have deja vu, did you really already experience it or is it all in your head?

A lot of the time, I dream about something that actually will happen, then I experience it. I just don't remember the dream fully, only small parts of it. That's where my deja vu comes from. - RockFashionista

Deja Vu is when you experience something that has already happend but you can't remember
You just feel like you've been there on that spot, and the same feeling.
So, it could possibly be from your head... - Fandom_Lover

30 What is the meaning of life?

The meaning of life is the sense you're giving to life.

U die and become a potato hopefully go to heaven so then u can live life as a potato

To meet Halsey. - lovefrombadlands

31 Why don't things last forever?

Things have to break down eventually. Except honey. Honey can last forever without rotting or going stale. - Pegasister12

Because if things have begginings, they must also have ends - RecklessGreed

Because the good die young...but so did this. - lovefrombadlands

32 What is the point of life?

Is it just to be happy and grow up and marry and have kids and die? And when you die, is your conscience lost so you don't feel: "oh I'm dead now I'll just lie here in the dark" or is it like you are living again in a different form? I don't get this.

The point or meaning of life is the meaning you are given to life.

I believe your just supposed to survive. You either die the hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villan.

What a silly question. I am! - LordDovahkiin

33 Do we have a soul?

This is not easy to answer. In a pure spiritual sense the answer is yes. Most of religions believe also that the soul is immortal. The Greek philosopher Aristotoles believed that the soul was immortal if generation ( procreation of the species ) was involved. Without generation the soul will end. In modern science we could partly seen this as the transfer from DNA from generation to generation. Plato believed in transmutation ( a concept or belief close related to reincarnation but without the transfiguration of a karma like in most Eastern religions or philosophies ). Christianity and other religions believe that the soul is immortal and eternal. It never dies. In more scientific fields like psychotherapy, psychology and molecular bio-chemistry, a soul is viewed as a sub-conscience. This happens in our brains and also ends when the body stop to exist. Psychology of the Jung-type on the other hand believes in a " unique sub-ego " that develops during our lives. In death this ...more

Can you save my heavydirtysoul? - lovefrombadlands

This is a question difficult to answer. In a purely spiritual sense the answer is yes. It's also supposed to be immortal. But what is immortal? Aristoteles said that we have a soul but that its immortality can only live if there's generation ( multiplication of species ) involved. Without generation the soul will end. In modern science we can consider this as DNA transfer. Plato believed in transmutation ( a concept close related to reincarnation without a transfiguration of karma like in some Eastern religions ). Christianity believes in a immortal soul ( after we die we go to heaven or hell ). Other religions like the Islam, Judaism believe in the immortality of the soul also. In more scientific fields like psychotherapy or psychology, the meaning of soul is related to our unconscience or sub-inconscience. This is part of the brains and dies when the body dies. No immortality here ( except if you believe in the Aristotelian concept like Jungian psychoanalyse does ). A very ...more

34 Am I the last person on earth and my brain has created hallucinations of everything else to keep me sane?

I have a weird feeling someone added this pretending I did. If that makes sense. - RockFashionista

You scare me but, it is possible. How do we know anyone else is real. We cannot ask them. Then again, we probably. Would not have an online conversation on it. Or... TWILOGHT ZONE

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35 What language do deaf people think in?

I think about this a lot. If deaf people can't hear, then how would they think in a language they have never heard? Maybe deaf people have their own language? Probably not, but anything is a possibility. - TheWiseOne

Sign language, they also use cards or write. But first,they use a sample of words and should be taught to interact with us. - kontrahinsunu

Deaf people don't hear what they say,but they know what they say,also,deaf can't,they think everything is giberish,exept if you speak to them by writing words - Nateawesomeness

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36 If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it really make a sound?

I would say yes. Since after all, a person could set a camera up or something to record the sound of a tree falling to replay later, while not being in the forest to hear the sound initially.

Of course it makes a sound! Sound is a form of energy which is produced by vibrations that pass trough an object or material. Soundwaves are produced when it hits the material or object. Soundwaves are related to the pitch, duration, timbre, the texture of the material or object and spatial location. The ears of humans can hear only a specific sound frequency ( some sounds can be heard by animals but not by humans ). Just because there's no one there to hear it ( the example here the tree in the forest ) doesn't mean that soundwaves and vibrations are not produced. So, yes, it makes a sound when there's no one to hear it.

Of course it does. Just because no one is around to hear it, doesn't mean the sound wasn't there. You know why? Because sound is a vibration. - RockFashionista

Yes because things still happen if you aren't there to see. - lovefrombadlands

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37 How you might determine what "people don't really think about"

We have approximately 70,000 thoughts every day. We really can't, unless someone invents a machine that can read thoughts. Conscious mind and subconscious mind. - RockFashionista

When we say we don't think about,we mean we don't have the idea to think about it as much - Nateawesomeness

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38 How was God made?

God was made by his father and mother. God's father and mother were created by god himself because he is the creator of everything. Get my point? God was made up and therefore " made " by humans.

There are rumors God isn't true. That is false. God is comprised of air and life which is also known as a spirit. It is unknown who is the father and mother of God. - kontrahinsunu

Chuck Norris was bored, so he invented God who invented Chuck Norris and then God proceeded to make other human beings and the universe.

In the absolute beginning there was nothing. Because nothing " was " it became something and something became a creator for multiple everythings. In mathematics ; there is 1. It became 1=1. 1=1 became 1 x 1. From there on it became multiple 1 plus 1 which created 1=2=3=4=5 etc...

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39 How do blind people dream?

Well, people with sight dream with pretty much all 5 senses, right? touch, smell, taste, sound, sight. I read somewhere that blind people dream normally, just without sight. After all, their other senses are much sharper.

The better question is: How do people dream?

People dream because their brain collects and stores information that it (meaning your brain) gathered during your waking hours. While you sleep, your brain is still active. It reviews the information it collected that day, but not always correctly, which is why people have strange dreams. This phenomenon is actually very interesting. I read about it in a children's encyclopedia when I was in first grade. - RockFashionista

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40 When you take drugs, you can see unusual things, and maybe that's what our world really looks like but the government doesn't want us to know. Is that why they are illegal?

Hallucinogenic drugs are illegal but that doesn't mean that you can't have them. There are plenty of illegal drugs for sale on the Streets ( synthetic and natural ones ). We have the medical knowledge of how those drugs work and we have the knowledge of how the mechanisms work in our bodies. There are plenty of cases of people who took for instance LSD and thought they could fly. Some even jumped out of windows thinking they were like the birds. Reality is that those people died and so it is obvious why drugs like that are illegal.

I don't take drugs, but I do have schizophrenia. I have this exact same theory, minus the government. That, and maybe, I'm seeing things that exist in other dimensions. - RockFashionista

No,whatever the normal people's vision is,is what the normal vision is,the vision drugs give you are called hallucinations,hallucinations are things that make you think you see weird things that aren't real in normal vision,and hallucinations are said to be unhealthy,that's why their illegal - Nateawesomeness

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