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41 What happened before everything?

Why does this question keep repeating on my list? - RockFashionista

The creation. - kontrahinsunu

Nothing,what ever exists counts as everything,no matter what time - Nateawesomeness

Me. I happened. - LordDovahkiin

42 If God is real, then which one?

The Christian God. - LordDovahkiin

43 Are our eyes even real?

I know someone who went blind when he was thirteen years old. If you should ask him a question like this one he will answer that eyes are " really " real. And he should know!

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44 Is life just a dream?

Is this world just created from the imagination of another human, one who is comatose or even dead, living in the real world?

We can measure our dreamwaves when we're sleeping. So, if you say that life is nothing but a dream, what is dreaming then when you sleep? A dream in a dream only experienced by the dreamer himself while others can measure his dreamwaves? Life and dead is for everybody. Why should each individual dream his own life and dead ( subjectivity ) when third parties can see that individuality ( objectivity )? Life as a dream doesn't make sense. The answer is no!

Yeah, I've always thought about this...

No. Our life is truly real. - kontrahinsunu

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45 Was Jesus really the son of God?

No, because nothing has changed since he lived and died. There are still " sinners " ( he died for our sins, if you believe in sin. ) and the world has never seen god. So, how can you say that he was or still is the son of somebody or someone that is never been seen or proved?

Believe everything the priest read. - kontrahinsunu

Yes,it's what the bible says - Nateawesomeness

46 Is anything real?

I think therefore I am. Even when I'm dreaming or when my mind is playing tricks I am in reality. I couldn't be dreaming if I didn't exist. I couldn't be hallucinating ( my mind is playing tricks ) if I didn't exist. To deny that I wouldn't exist would be in contradiction with myself. I am the one who is able to deny, so I'm real and anything outside me ( that doesn't fall in the category of imagination without proof ) also real.

I am. Sorry humans, you aren't. I destroyed you all about a 1000 years ago. - LordDovahkiin

47 How long is forever?

A never ending perception and awareness of yourself. But everything has and must come to an end. There would be no beginning because it would mean that everything you see or feel existed eternally. You would have no sensations of loss ( for good or bad ).


Infinite: it never ends
example: a car ride to grandmas or waiting in line - lolingdog9000

It is impossible for the human brain grasp the concept of the number infinite and forever that’s why we always think about infinite being a one and a couple hundred or thousand zeroes. If the human brain could hold every bit of knowledge there is than we would know the answer to how long forever is and how long the number infinite is.

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48 Do ghosts use telekinesis?

Jennifer Love Hewitt can answer your question because she's the ghost whisperer.

49 Is our perception the same?

Objective yes, Subjective no. For instance, you see a girl. Objective everybody will agree that she's of the female gender. Subjective, one will find her attractive, another will find her ugly. But subjectivity has to do with choises in a objective ( reality ) world. Third parties will agree on the reality you see but not on taste because this has to do with subjective matters wich doesn't change the perception of exact proven reality.

50 Is autotune an instrument?
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