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41 Junmar Fajardo
42 Samboy Lim

The only player with heart of a Dragon

Most exciting player I ever see,every ball position he can hear the crowd start cheering,even the opposing team fans cheer for this guy.class act off and on the court.he deserve much higher than this much better when he is wearing the national flag in his uniform.

In an Asian Journal, an author from China went to the Philippines to get a perspective of the Basketball Scene. After the visit, the author wrote that Samboy Lim is the Michael Jordan of the PBA. It was also mentioned in an article that Ron Jacobs, the famous coach of NCC/San Miguel in the International Arena, sent Samboy to the States for an operation. Ron Jacobs said to the doctor, "Please fix Samboy. He is my Michael Jordan." Even PBA commentator Joe Cantada addressed in the 1990 All-Star game that Samboy is the Michael Jordan of Philippine Basketball.

43 Atoy Co

Come on guys. This guy is a legend. Deserves higher rank than this.

44 Willie Miller
45 Olsen Racela
46 Terrence Romeo

Iverson ng Pinas to!

He too good

47 Chip Engelland

If you remember this one time PBA player, he will not miss shots beyond the arc! ( 3pts )

48 Ryan Cruz

Ryan Alfred Cruz mas pogi kay gabe norwood, simon atkins, cliff hodge, and chris tiu combined.

Pogi niya pari

49 Beau Belga
50 Kobesaya
51 Sunjae Fagaragan

He can dunk a 12-foot basket he can block peoples shots and make three pointers ultimately one of the best in the mobbers

He could knock out dwight in a fight and he is the best he is 4foot 5inches and can dunk over shaquille

52 Ric Ric Marata
53 Carlito Flores Jr.
54 Chris Ellis
55 Jared Dillinger
56 Jervy Cruz
57 Solomon Mercado
58 Joseph Yeo
59 Cliff Hodge
60 Ranidel De Ocampo
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