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181 Maryzark
182 Askals
183 Erectus

The pioneer of rap metal in Philippines

George Aquilizan leds the group then turned to Elastic Fantastic then 3B (Big Boy Bakulaw). In any other ways, this band is purely power of rap metal, axe for one of the pioneers and greatest among the peers of the local scene! You'll never burrow the record if you have it but to treasure it and shower to your apos and nephews! - AUGGIE

184 Betrayed V 1 Comment
185 Anak Bayan

This band dates me...

186 Reo Brothers

Dapat kasali sila sa Top 10, kasi pang International and kanilang banat at style sa pag kanta.

187 Sesa
188 Beef Jerky Suplex
189 Save the Queen
190 Bad Omen

I know this band taga manila cla one of my favorite song is Manila belongs to me and drink em up

191 Galaw Tao
192 Flying Ipis
193 Gayuma
194 Zexa V 1 Comment
195 Assembly Language

Great sound from the south

Great sound from the sound

Awesome sound!

alright - sirnahsh

V 2 Comments
196 Kadangyan

Tribal & Ethnic band from Baguio city

V 1 Comment
197 Collision
198 Hemp Republic
199 Dalfonson

If you want to jive with the groove of funky music you need to checkout this band.

200 Mind Heart Blood V 1 Comment
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