Top 10 Philippine Rock Bands of All Time


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281 Powerspoonz

Try this band personally I somehow hate reggie when it comes to genra but when I try to listen to this guys men it will blow you ayaw I think their are from cebu?
Just try this band it' will not fail you trust me.. ^^

282 Twisted Halo
283 Ney
284 False Belief
285 Two One Two
286 Unica

They really have great members. Their vocalist, is really pretty and she has the voice that could capture audiences. Their songs are really nice and the band as a whole is perfect. Super friendly.

287 Tsugalogs
288 Sabado Boys
289 Sunflower

I love vote this band

290 Dicta License

Powerful lyrics and straight message of political and revolution angstly delivered through Pochoy Pinzon Labog and with the musical genius of Boogie Romero, RATM of the Philippines is born! - AUGGIE

291 Midnight Snack
292 Jams' Strings

They really rock, bloody rock!

293 A2z

This Band Is SO Talented Their songs makes you dance! They Have A Wonderful Voice! The Song Boom Bam Aria, Lola Bye and Farty Farty Is the best! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!

This Band Compose Of 3 members! One Boy And 2 Girls!

I Like Them Than CHICSER! (^__^V)

294 Candles
295 Box of Mocha
296 Kley
297 Mighty Band (Tip QC)
298 Bagong Lumad
299 Manang Damo V 1 Comment
300 Suspitsados
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