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361 End of Man
362 Gnash

If you know J Ortega of Tres, well you probably wanna look back to his foundation - GNASH! The good looking bands together with The Breed, Wolfgang, and Razorback, if you wanna play basketball, listen to Basketbolista, man! - AUGGIE

363 Kerplunk
364 Mortal Grudge
365 Pignose

This is one of the alternative foundations of pinoy rock, from the vaults of DWLA 105.9 FM, dished out by the The Doctor Mon Zialcita to his Sunday Top 50! If you were a teener of the 90s, well you were blessed listening to lots of pinoy alternative undergrounds on which lucky bands only surfaced and made it to mainstream! - AUGGIE

366 One Payat
367 R.D.A.
368 Shampoo Ni Lola

Alternative scene essentials of the 90s, give hand to Praning Na Si Roger, the hard Tablado Ka, and Celeste Legaspi's Saranggola ni Pepe. - AUGGIE

369 Snakebite Religion

If they were to sing English songs you'll probably be blown by the voice alike of Vedder. These guys dished Kapre, Holdaper, to name a few together with Forever and a Day! Come to tube and see the video from Chibugan na of Rico J, Hadji A., and the ever sexy Michelle Aldana. - AUGGIE

370 Sultans of Snap
371 Tame the Tikbalang

Whos' the band?! The master Mally Paraguya before POT was the founder of the band! LA 105.9 days really at large! - AUGGIE

372 Third World Chaos
373 The Chongkeys V 1 Comment
374 Zoo
375 Analgesia V 1 Comment
376 Annointed Cherubs

A dozen alternatives for the count, TABINGING BUHAY, an essential band of the 90s! - AUGGIE

377 Biofeedback
378 Bonehead

The main man Philippe Recto is now in the US, on some times visited by Basti and the guys to play gigs, Cavite way or either way, Hari ng Sari Sari to Bahay Sabog on which Artadi howls his rendition, this band for those who don't know is ONE OF THE BEST THERE IS IN PINOY ROCK HISTORY! - AUGGIE

379 Balahibumpooza V 1 Comment
380 Powertools
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