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21 Up Dharma Down

They've got such a great unique sound. They're world class musicians.

Who doesn't know at least one song from Up Dharma Down?

Quality, original and unique. Awesome sound.

Best Lyrics, Great songs

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22 6cyclemind

For they have generated a new kind of era mainly on pop-rock that instuated the birth of a lot of new acts, 6cyclemind opened doors for new acts in the industry.

The music that they have created was not just a song that plays on the radio or wherever. It is like the national anthem of all the youth and all the generations who loved and still loving them. Nothing can beat the EHEADS mania. They are indeed the Greates Filipino band of all time. Long live Eheads.

6cyclemind started the second golden era of opm during the mid 00s. They spearheaded the opm band invasion that gave lots of bands opportunities to showcase their talents

Definitely a pioneer of OPM!

6Cyclemind exudes the aura of well-intentioned OPM band. Have been loving the band for almost 6yrs. Now. The genre of pop-rock/alternative which to me should influence the minds of this generation to be inspired and achieve what they aimed in life, I feel was given justice by this band. All the songs in their new albun Good By Sunday is an inspiration and a comfort. Multi-INtelligent is my descritpion of this band.

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23 South Border

This group is really amazing. Their songs especially the old ones like "Kahit Kailan" and "Rainbow" are still hits. They're classic! The singer's voice has that unique cool sound that they can perform in the US and can gain popularity.

I love South Border band! I love their R&B style of singing! I love the songs "Rainbow" and "Kahit Kailan" because of its poetic and romantic lyrics.

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24 Paraluman

Paraluman is a relatively new band of Alternative, Rock and Pop in the country's ever-busy music scene. Considered as one of the youngest band to ever hit Metro Manila, the band offers music that is daring and edgy yet versatile enough to shift from one genre to another. Sounds like Moonpools and Caterpillars, Plumb, Michelle Branch, D' Sound and Paramore but did not forget to incorporate their own style to the songs thus making it more interesting to the listening public.

Paraluman is composed of Madeline, Arjay, VR, Jay and Jimbo. Madeline Ramboyong with her fine crooning style make her worthy to front the band and handles the vocalist's duties. Arjay Romero plays the lead guitars while VJ Romero on bass. Jay Macalincag deals with the rhythm and Jimbo Cuenco complete the sounds with his drumming tactics. Though members are technically new in the field, some of them are experienced musicians from other bands and are very eager to learn more and grab every opportunities of ...more

One of the best band that I know! And all of their songs in In Lab! Album are originals, no remakes! All of their songs are great and beautiful! Their debut song Emily makes us think that this band has a very nice future and indeed all of their songs are VERY INSPIRING! They'll never let down their fans with new songs like Kapitan. The song Kapitan also have a good lesson. To be a good person and help others whoever you are makes us become heroes! I highly recommend this band it's because they have the best music, best vibes and best influence to us. The band are approachable they are so very very kind and thoughtful! And if you are lucky the band will approach you as well! Sweet! Keep up the good work Paraluman!

I love the voice of their vocalist "Madeline" and the way the band use to play their songs. Try to listen to their music just once, and you'll get hooked.

Paraluman is the best... When madz start to sing their songs it makes me feel crazy... Love her voice so much and the way she moves with true feelings... I love PARALUMAN VERY MUCH! GODBLESS PARALUMAN! From miss LIKE!

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25 Francism & Hardware Syndrome

FrancisM was the most versatile on the microphone, he could croon, rap and mosh.

Even FrancisM's music was not radio friendly, his songs tatooed in Many Filipinos heart.

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26 Franco

Philippines SUPER BAND The lineup consists of Franco Reyes (of InYo) on vocals, Gabby Alipe (of Urbandub) on guitar, Paolo "8" Toleran (of Queso) on guitar, Buwi Meneses (of Parokya ni Edgar) on bass guitar, and JanJan Mendoza (of Urbandub) on drums. Jah love!

Franco Music is what's their life all about... Not only singing and playing... But with good style precision unique music and high standard members that made a multi genre to ROCK you World m/


The band with the most attitude than anyone on this list.

nice band

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27 Razorback

A true Philippine rock icon! One of the pioneers that started
The rock revolution of the early 90's. They just released a new
Album. They still ROCK!

The Mighty Boars of Rock! My local band. They're one of the greatest! Enough said!

I'm a 53 year old rocker and was blown away by this band. Rock and roll forever. Don't stop making muic. Long live Pinoy rock.

The best Pinoy Rock band out there!

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28 Moonstar 88

I love Moonstar 88 since my high school days!
I really love their song "Migraine" which became the theme song of the Korean Drama "Witch Yoo Hee" in GMA here in the Philippines.

Moonstar 88 w/ Acel Bisa

Created the hit songs, "Torete" "Panalangin"
And though not popular, "Bata" "Untamed" "Doors" "Sabi Mo" "Sa langit" "Sulat" "More than that" "Tongue Tied"
And many more.


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29 Teeth

They had a reunion concert. A lot of people went. How can they not be one of the best?

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30 Hale

first of all, fearless triggering their unique blend of rock without knowing that it will be the lightning to the stage... their songz are original and catches your melting point even underground and metalz appreciated one of their songz.. and that's the fact!

Signature band back in 2006. For me this is the Filipino rock band

I just love the melody of their songs. Their song lyrics are also great. And of course, they have a very good vocalist!

Their songs are full of emotion.

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31 Sandwich

How did it come that sandwich did not make it on top ten? This guys are hit makers too!

Woah. It's supposed to be on top ten.

How can you go wrong with "sugod"? It's a shame this band didn't even reach top 10. Props to raimund and the gang. Hip and always fresh.

Love the first album!

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32 Itchyworms

This band should be in the top 10, they have good music and I really like how they performed on stage. Their albums are all excellent especially the Noontime Show was released way back in 2005.

Eto lang and gusto ko sa buhay! Their noontime show album is the best!

Since 1995 I was listening to this guys, damn, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SA IYO! LA 105.9 days, my man!

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33 Tanya Markova

This band is so unique in so many ways. Rock and roll!


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34 Introvoys

When I'm holding my guitar during inuman sessions, gotta do their classic songs, still everybody sings along:-)

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35 Ginoong Vitalis

Ginoong Vitalis is Awesome as hell, Singing/Playing with a heart and with their soul.. I love them like I love myself.. And I will love them forever and ever. They inspired me when it comes to OPM music they are the reason why I'm attached to OPM today I'm seriously telling you guys the truth.. Seriously, they're perfectly awesome SWEAR!

More Power Guys and I love you! You know that =))) *Hugs* - nadethalmeidaolaran

This band is awesome! They make Good Vibes music and distinct sound here in the Philippines now a days. Their sounds and way of making music is futuristic and make me crazy.

Pilit is the best song on earth and please do check out their other song of ginoong Vitalis like Recall, Dreams, ngayong gabi, paano. Support opm.

Super nice sila... Full of surprises.. Try their song Ngayong Gabi... Super astig... GudVibes... Apir!

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36 Typecast

Better than chicosci. The Lyrics are pretty good. They deserve more recognition

Typecast will always be known with their heartbreaking and "super feels" hits. They proved with How Your Influence Betrays You and their recent EP, Word Sits Heavy that they are getting better at what they are doing and that is to rock out hard and influence many musicians.

Why would TYPECAST is not on the top 10 list? They are the BEST BAND ever here in the Philippines. Duh! For me, TYPECAST is number 1! Metal/Rock band yet they can melt each heart of their listeners.

So good musicianship and progression and new sound, not so like Silverchair and Dishwalla, but this guys are along with them!

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37 Saydie

A five piece rock band born on April of 2003 comprised of Kat-vox, Kurt-bass, Gerard-guitars, Monx-guitars, and Paulo-drums. In early 2005, the band released its debut self-titled album. Upon the release Saydie has developed a huge following. Their own. Rock n' roll enthusiasts all around the Philippines: from heavy metal kids to punk rock kids to emo kids to doll freaks and blood sucking vamps, are all brought together by their music.

Their music is a monochrome of sound and art that fail the criteria of mediocrity since their music remains nonpareil. "We've chosen not to button down this art that we make and share to others simply because what ever it is that you hear is what you get. For Saydie? Music is an outlet of reality and the different delusions and emotions of life, therefore it should be free and abstract. "

If you really don't know them, you can say it is an international band because of its unique, playful and complicated riffs, and also the way the vocalist use her talent at growling/screaming... It is really unbelievable

Cool! Their music is a monochrome of sound and art that fail the criteria of mediocrity since their music remains nonpareil.

They starve, you bloat. They die and still you bloat!

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38 Oktaves

Oktaves? Once again I choose this band, for they are really creative in songs, I love them really.

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39 Rocksteddy

You guys rock. You are Metallica of the Philippines. Old school rock and roll. One of the best of our time. You would appreciate almost all of their songs in all of their album.

They are one of the coolest band I've seen.. They are so natural and they really rock! They deserve to be at least on the top 20..

I love the song "Superhero" because of its poetic lyrics and beautiful message. I also love its melody!

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40 Valley of Chrome

I've been looking for music from this band for 5 years now, THANKS WHOEVER POSTED THIS

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