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41 Sugarfree

Undoubtedly one of the best bands ever. And I'm quite sure you've paid a lot of attention whenever you hear the lyrics to their song which hits directly on target. As in "sapul" talaga. Talented bunch indeed.

Mariposa and Burn out, YEAH! My favorites!

The inspiring anthemic "Makita Kang Muli" always make one proud to be Filipino.

Sir ebe dancel with his heart-wrenching lyrics are superb, though they disbanded their songs echoes throughout the opm music scene.

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42 Piranha

Underrated. Probably because they went underground. But surely one of the best band youll ever see and hear. And yes I can't wait for their album. The new songs they posted, wow!

Hope they get the recognition they deserve. The PIRANHA BOYS were always my wife's fave and she introduced me to their music. Wondering why would she like an underground band or even know one? But they are really so ASTIG! She calls them her PIRANHA BOYS! found out that's how they are really called by their close friends. Cheers boys! More power!

Less talk-more music kind of band. And that's how it should be! More power piranha!

Inaabangan namin kayo piranha boys! Sana ilabas nyo na yun bagong album

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43 Mayonnaise

The people involved in creating the music for this band are some of the better representations of how the music scene can (and will) continue to grow in the Philippines.

This is the band which really puts its heart to their song! It never forgets to pinch the heart of the listener!

I think this band deserves a higher spot.Everyone can get along with their songs and rocks! At the same time..

Realistically for Filipino art lovers for song, esp. rock!

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44 The Youth

I can't believe the Youth is almost at the bottom @ 50. There are some on top of this list not worthy of their place. Let's go Taken by Cars, Techy Romantics, Bonehead, Mutiny, Feet Like Fins, Sarcoma...

I think this band is on top the list the songs are very true

When start the music called PINOY BATO... This band the youth is the one of a favorite band on that time until now... DODONG CRUZ. Is the best...

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45 Giniling Festival

The lyrics and Musicality is so GREAT!

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46 Skychurch

Underground music did them

Great band is born

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47 Shamrock

How come Shamrock is on 53rd spot? I really love the song "Alipin" and "Hold On." The song Alipin has a very poetic and romantic lyrics.

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48 True Faith

True Faith is legit for its walls in this industry, probably one of the longest standing bands in the country...

49 Paramita

New sound, new techniques, great drum lines, best of all - done by a trio, FIRST ALBUM rocks! TALA!

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50 Queso/Cheese

They play the same songs over and over again last album was 2006,

This band just keep getting better and better. Ian Tayao can scream like a banshee and growl like a death god. I have so much love for this band

51 Eevee Eevee Eevee, known in Japan as Eievui, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Eevee may not be as prestige as the Eraserheads and Rivermaya, but because of them, young Filipino musicians are inspired to share their music because of their sincerity in writing songs. They make their message in their songs accessible and easily to diverge. They were the ones who put Davao on the music scene. Di man kagwapuhan ang vocalist, maangas at mabagsik naman. Haha! It only shows that its not the looks but the talent that spawned their popularity

I've heard Eevee's single before "Gusto Ko Lang ng Girlfriend" and to me back then was like "Okay. Another emerging OPM band. " Not until my brother became the bassist of the band. Now, I may not be the number 1 fan but my support is with Eevee for continuing promoting OPM. Time will soon find its way for Eevee to become legendary.

They may not be the best but their song is inspiring and I know that you would agree to that and even if their not your top 10 today but they would be the best someday

Even so they are not in the list well its just a list

Admin, you're telling me... that a Pokemon is a Philippine rock band? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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52 Hotdog

One of the earliest rockers who rocked Pinas from 70s to 80s influencing and opening grounds for other rockgroups later.. How can you forget this group? We still hum and remake their songs until now..

Hotdog is one of the most popular pinoy band in the 80's. Most of their songs are pop oriented on love (Ikaw and Miss Universe ng buhay ko), work (Annie Batungbakal), and places ("Manila).

53 Death by Stereo

Death by stereo the best of all filipino Metal go yeah.

Dual function from a trash metal to a balladeer - Jerome Abalos takes both world's whenever the other side is dormant! Take Swapang and Tonio! Yeah!

54 One OK Rock
55 Circa

Ate em who is their vocalist is really approachable and they make great music for their listeners, they also keep in touch with their fans using Facebook and other social networking sites so that they will be updated for their releases and upcoming gigs..

Just waiting for them to release their album calling all labels this band deserves an album what the hell are you waiting for? Sign them

The first time I saw this band in rock the riles, nice music! I like their performance. You guys rock! I hope to meet you guys in person!

All I can say is that they play great music :D pretty vocalist though... :D

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56 Lager Louts

Rock band from Manila, usually plays around Makati and BGC. Does renditions of 90's alternative to Modern rock songs.

57 Sandata Ni Lolo
58 Veltpunch
59 Cueshé

You have all great SONGS that I wanted to hear... NOW..

Mataas and vocalist nila,. I like it!

An all-time fave band! Meaningful and wholesome story of every songs. Why so neglected?

The best band for me. they should be within top 20. the vocalist have high vocals and great choice of genre. I love all their music including Minsan, back to me, borrowed time, can't let you go, and many more

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60 Boyfriends
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