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81 Never the Strangers

Amazing songs, and all four members are skilled creatively and technically. Add the fact that despite their new found fame, they're still all down to earth and approachable. Watch out for this band, they're the next big thing.

This band is one of a kind. Their other songs, compared to the recent ones they have released are mind-blowing! Great songwriting, great arrangements, great musicianship. Watch out for them. They're gonna revolutionize how people look at OPM and music alike.

This band started really young as Leonecast. They've been through several lineup changes. They still create good music. Part of what makes them great is their ability to persevere.

82 Barbie's Cradle

One of the pioneer bands during the 90's

From HYP to because to Barbie Alamalbis, since then, this poet and musician, I respect a lot.

83 Soapdish

I love their lyrics. They should be at the top 10 spot.

Dapat nsa top 20 man lang to...

No. ! I should na mga pang! 20 sila! Ahhh! Kainis! Guys! Isa and soapdihs sa favorite band! Koh noh! But its ok! Babawi rin cla! We louve you soapdish!

84 Soundvent

They are young and talented! The best alternative band I ever heard! Either slow or upbeat melodies they are really great! Relating with their music while they play is remarkable! Mind you... You will stand up on your feet while they play!

As a finalist of Nescafe Soundskool 2010, Soundvent was able to enter the mainstream with their singles Tayo and Di Na Lang. Their songs are mostly in Filipino, thus one can easily understand and relate to them. Their music ranges from slow to upbeat melodies that talk about love as well.

Soundvent is a hardworking starter band. They don't give up or just stop for a while to rest. I've seen how they workout with what they have today. They always have purpose when standing and performing on that huge or kinda like small stage. I bet you guys wouldn't forget when you hear them sing, especially my brother jhoranz. I am so proud of these people. They are awesome! God Bless you guys!

85 Mr. Bones and the Boneyard Circus
86 Orient Pearl

They have a nice song that touches the hearts of their listeners... Keep it up

I love the song "Pagsubok" because it is very inspirational and gives a person strength to make it through difficult times in life.

87 Android-18

Indie bands like this really rocks.. Better than some mainstream bands right now. This band knows how to make good songs. Watched them live and heard their songs, so good! And talented.

They're an awesome band. They look all young, but have great music and very lively on stage. First time I saw them I got hooked. Now they're one of my fave indie bands.

I saw this band a couple of times before. Intense performance and good songs, one of the best independent band in my opinion.

Catchy Lyrics and sound!

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88 Philia

This band is more exciting and very fantastic band

89 Tropical Depression

I can't believe that the vocalist of this band, PAPA DOM (RIP) was a former vocalist of the 80's pinoy punk band BETRAYED... I think its hard to shift your music genre from punk to reggae...

He helped a lot of local reggae artists althrough out the country... Such a tragedy... If he is still alive until today, man he could help a lot more aspiring bands by giving them a chance to step up to another level...

Trying to be cool

Papa Dom is sure is a pillar, from Betrayed to Trop Dep, the pioneer, the only musical style by them, Doobie Nights forever, Jah bless, Sir Dominic! - AUGGIE

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90 Rizal Underground

With musicianship and artist on each of them, God, guitars of Mike Villegas, the voice of Stephen Lu, bass lines of Angelo Villegas, and the ever best drums of Harley Alarcon, have you guys know they were?! THEY ARE LEGENDS!

91 Join the Club

Conji good looking guy and the rest of the group awesome... Songs are not just song it really touches ones heart "Nobela" Harana at Baliw na Pag ibig..."

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92 Roots

If you're strucked by the Marlborosque cassette packaging, wait till you hear they sounds of blues!

93 Color It Red

It match from what they are

I like their song "paglisan"

Only few knows them, but I know them well. The only band with this sound, the first band of the 90s with an acoustic guitar mixed with electric instruments, credits to Barbi Cristi. Well, Pareng Earl, you were blessed by this music Goddess Cooky Chua:-)

94 Inday Bote
95 Big Thing

This band is very very FANTASTIC unlike PNE that is very pampagod

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96 Bloomfields

The Bloomfields are EPIC! They're definitely one of the most underrated bands out there. Everyon has to at least try to see them perform live.

97 Blue Boy Bites Back
98 Freestyle

They got songs that are best for couples out there. Just plain sweet to the ears and heart.

99 Stonefree

Got they're first and second album, Jesus, the voice the sound, how come they were on 88?! The only band in Phils who got this style of music, nothing compares to them, big voice from a simple small man, Miro! You guys were on my music box, ever! - AUGGIE

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100 Ajka
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