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121 Coincidence

One of the best bands in Cebu. 2005-2010. Love IƱaki's voice so much and he is so cute.

Simply the best showband in cebu in my opinion. Nice tone, slowjams beat and motown. So old school. I love this band.

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122 General Luna

Best All-Girl Filipino Rock Band of the 2010. They are the "REAL DEAL" in the scene as of today. Continue rocking girls!

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123 Civil Eyes
124 Immaculate

Probably named Immaculate Dirt, the album name, Parang Awa Mo Na, Girl! Classics still sang during inuman sessions, 90s impact still at large! - AUGGIE

125 Banda Ni Kleggy
126 Session Road
127 Jam Disciples

Can't recall the song, but it shocked me that it's played during the LA days, love song kudos sweet like Introvoys:-)

128 Alamid

This group is great during the 90's... I can't believe why it was put only in number 114...

Pay respect to the survival of the Athena's Curse to Alamid, Sir Gary Ignacio (RIP). The Saint Street and back from the old days songs, this band was tested by time, perhaps musically sound, exceptionally Alamid is only one.

This Band should be on the top list their legendary

129 Kinder Garden

I think it is Kindred Garden, Pangako is a classic, I respect the musicianship, very nice to sing on live guitar and on Videoke! - AUGGIE

130 First Circle
131 Breed

Jesus, if weren't for this guys Philippine rock history would have been hollowed! Three of them were born during the day - along with The Boars and the Wolves. The Mad Dog passed away but his riffs, my man, his riffs, IS THE BEST BLUES YOU'LL EVER HAD! - AUGGIE

It rock, s during my highschool life

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132 Revelicaster
133 Mutiny
134 Fastpitch
135 Noble Verdict
136 Nerveline

This band was formed 2003, released an album back then under a major record label, several months later they released numerous hard-hitting singles. They pioneered the metal-grunge era in the local scene. These guys sound super tight and super solid that if you watch them live they sound like a 5-piece band but the fact is that they are only a 3-piece band. These guys are way ahead of their time.. Gian Sotto, Buddhjie Manique, Aze Ferrer... You guys rock! Big time!

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137 Eciel
138 Aegis V 1 Comment
139 Jeepney
140 Top Suzara
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