Those Band are good but for me SlapShock is the best pinoy rock band and makes the world rock. Not only their music are amazing but they are also making a history in rock music. Slapshock makes every filipino proud through by playing their best and quality rock music.

One of the few yet most successful pinoy bands who went international. - aeromaxx777

This band reminds Me of Linkin Park. 'Cause they're Rap-Metal as well.

I love this band! So much! Ariba metal. Go slapshock! You're #1

I love slaphock! All I want is you 2 be a number 1 pinoy rock band

When I listened to Slapshock's Agent Orange--that's when I started to idolize rap metal.

The original pinoy hardcore-alternative rock..

I could listen to their songs all day long. - joshsanz

I really really love them. They 'are really great. I love the music.

The biggest band in the phillipines

Oh man! I was born and raised in America and have been looking for some good rock/metal bands from the phillippines and these guys are IT! I prefer the scream over the vocal but these guys are a 10 in my book!

Good instrument usage and lyrics is in the heart

Proudly Filipino Metal Band! Keep it up!

The Best Band For Me! Support Slapshock!

Best filipino band I've never seen..

Cool slapshock can compete in international metal bands hehe.. Long live bros

Slapshock you inspire me about your music I can't do anything by listining to your music it gave me good vives so rock for more slap army!

Slapshock lamang and katangi-tanging banda sa Pilipinas na Hindi boring na pang world class.

Yehh.. They look like nternatonal.. They perform well.. They created nice song.. Jamir, rock on.. Agent lrange come up.. Agent orange get up...