Philippines Sexiest Men of 2011


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1 Sam Milby

He is very yummy and hot gal. A very well rounded personality and of course he can do everything that nobody can do. Not only that, he is very down to earth person and very kind. He is everybody's dream boy.

I saw him in NY International screening for FAAD with KC since I'm a fan of hers with my friend. We both think that he is super cute! He has that tantalizing eyes & a very nice smile! Both my friend & I enjoyed the movie because of the "natural" acting & very engaging story!

What really makes him sexy is his good heart... and his killer smile.. one in a million guy!

Sam Milby is the best looking man ever. He is the complete package. Gorgeous body, eyes, face, hair, and wow what muscles. He has sexy voice and when he sings, women scream and almost faint.

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2 Piolo Pascual

Well love this guy! So hot and spicy
He rocks and shake women.. Hahaa!

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3 Enchong Dee

Enccho Dee is Cute and Handsome and because of his athletic personality he looks more sexier - guillen

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4 Coco Martin

No explanation at all.. I just love and admire Coco Martin... He is a good actor of his generation. This is the first time that I admired an actor and want to see him in person in the future. Thank You and please more T.V. shows and movie for him...

From the simplest words to describe coco to the most complicated words all I can say he's definitely one of the person you would want to meet.. And know in person.

He's really a good actor... He has a humble face... When he smiled he can turn your world upside down... No pretentions... He's more capable to be the first in place in ranking... Keep it up my coco...

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5 Jem Cubil
6 Gerald Anderson
7 Dingdong Dantes Dingdong Dantes Dingdong Dantes is a Filipino actor, television presenter, commercial model and film producer. Dantes is currently working as an exclusive talent of GMA Network, also the Chairman of the YesPinoy Foundationand manages his own film studio named AgostoDos Pictures.


8 Aljur Abrenica Aljur Abrenica Aljur Mikael Guiang Abrenica, commonly known as Aljur Abrenica, is a Filipino actor, dancer, model and singer.

He is so handsome, the way he smiled was so very cute and charming.

Oh! Aljur is the one yummier in this world

9 Jericho Rosales

He is very handsome and I like the way he acts

Love you echo... We love you..

10 John Lloyd Cruz

The Contenders

11 Derek Ramsay

Derek is very talented person in the Philippines. He's one of the most gentleman in the Philippines. He has a lot of great talent.

12 Dennis Trillo Dennis Trillo Abelardo Dennis Florencio Ho, more widely known as Dennis Trillo, is an award-winning Filipino actor, model and recording artist.
13 Xian Lim

Xian Lim Looks Sexier because of his Romantic Emotions and Xian Got the Face, Height, and th color - guillen

14 Daniel Padilla Daniel Padilla Daniel John Ford Padilla, also known as Daniel Padilla, is a Filipino actor and recording artist/bassist of the band, Parking 5. He is a talent of ABS-CBN and Star Magic and was chosen as one of the Original Pilipino Music Junior Ambassadors in promoting local music to the Filipino youth. V 1 Comment
15 Luis Manzano
16 Richard Gutierrez
17 Khalil Ramos
18 JM De Guzman
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1. Dennis Trillo
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1. Enchong Dee
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1. Sam Milby
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3. Enchong Dee



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