The Philippines' Top Bachelors

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1 Marc Nelson

this guy really caught my eye ever since. he may not be that "sikat" like the other guys on this list but he's the certified Hot one. the other guys are on this list kc they're currently the ones who had recent exposure on tv but marc nelson? HIS ROYAL HOTNESS :-)

He's my all-time crush! He captivated my heart when I was just 18, the body, height, he got it all! And now that I'm already 27 the feeling is still there.. My boyfrend knows about it and actually they have some common features.

He is the most handsome and most desirable man in the land of Philippines. He loves sports and he is really down-to-earth individual. - hatcher234

marc your the best... I just want to meet you in person...
8 wins in the amazing race wow!
the best team ever... we are proud of you.

2 Piolo Pascual

such a humble and gentleman...

He is very handsome,kind and super down to earth, I love him...


Love this guys.. Gwapo inside and out...
Different from the others..
Has unique beauty.. A man behind the enigma

3 Richard Gutierrez

super intelligent and veryc lean cut guy... also, piolo need to be n bachelorette category.. believe me.. he doesn't belongs here... I'm 100 closet queen siya...

he is the most handsome of all

He looks intelligent with bright mind... a good sample for teenagers today.

For me Richard G. Is the Number Bachelor in the Philippine showbiz... Handsome-check, height-check, body-check, tangos ng ilong-check, intelligent-check, mayaman-check, malakas and dating-super check... Perfect man of every girl!

4 Jake Cuenca

he is the real bachelor for me!

5 Sam Milby

The most handsome man in the world - In addition very talented, successful, but still have feet on the ground. So kind-hearted.

He's really really hot and awesome. I love him.. The way he looks, smiles and everything about him. His totally gorgeous.. Love you always.. Hehehe

6 Jon Avila

He is pretty handsome! I like him because he is more bachelor. He is a good model for all guys out there

7 Rafael Rossel

I really love this guy so much... He's so handsome as always...
I love the way he smile... hmp, A beautiful model, good actor and a real bachelor in town... ,

8 Dion Ignacio

Real bachelor

9 Will Devaughn

I just saw him in the internet. I thought he is very handsome and nice. I am an older lady and still thinks he is attractive. When I saw him in the internet, he seems to be a beautiful person inside and out.

10 Zanjoe Marudo

zanjoe marudo is the most handsome celebrity in the philippines.. sexy body.. hmmm

he's got it! for me, he's the real bachelor..

The Contenders

11 Dingdong Dantes Dingdong Dantes is a Filipino actor, television presenter, commercial model and film producer. Dantes is currently working as an exclusive talent of GMA Network, and is also the Chairman of the YesPinoy Foundation and manages his own film studio named AgostoDos Pictures.

Mabait c kuya dong at humble person... God bless kuya dingdong..

12 Aljur Abrenica Aljur Mikael Guiang Abrenica, commonly known as Aljur Abrenica, is a Filipino actor, dancer, model and singer.
13 James Reid Robert James Reid is a Filipino-Australian singer, actor, dancer, karateka, and songwriter with dual Filipino and Australian citizenship.

For me, he is the real bachelor because he just doesn't have the looks. He also have a good attitude and a good heart.

This man has it all! He is hot, talented, a very good cook and is so humble deep inside along with her onscreen partner Nadine Lustre. Hindi ako iiyak sa ex ko kung isang ROBERT JAMES MARQUINEZ REID and bago!

14 Paulo Avelino

He is just so gorgeous. I can't keep my eyes off of him. Just beautiful. - hatcher234

15 Kean Cipriano
16 Marco Antonio De San Jose

He is cute... And simple

hot smile... Sexy eyes and nose...

love it...

17 Mike Tan
18 Mart Escudero
19 Joshua Dionisio
20 Andre Paras

This man is the epitome of perfection. He got it all. The looks, the body, the brains, the height, and most specially the good heart!

He is not like any other guys in showbusiness na pacute and cares a lot about his image. He likes to goof around which is the sexiest part of him.

He is also a basketball player. HE IS AN ISKOLAR NG BAYAN! He studies in UP! He's so smart!

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