Top Ten Phineas and Ferb Characters That Should Get a Spin-Off Show


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1 Dr. Doofenshmirtz Dr. Doofenshmirtz

Can we not just make Doof's Daily Dirt a regular T.V. show?

Something like...Doof 101! - kawaiitohru

2 Isabella Garcia Shapiro

Yes she should! She is the cutest girl in the show she deserves her own as much as I adore phineas and ferb I can see isabella having her own show I can see it now"isabella and the fire side girls" I know it's cheesy but whatever I love isabella so much

Legends say she and the other Fireside Girls were supposed to get their own show, but those plans were thrown on the back burner along with the plans for a theatrical film (the REAL injustice! )

She's the most adorable little girl ever! I could watch her all day! Best Disney character eveR! She has the best catchphrase ever! - dddhdhh

I think that Isabella and the fireside girls should have a spin-off series
They are amazing!

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3 Perry

While Phineas & Ferb went downhill, Perry & Doofenshmirtz haven't. They should have a show together. - RalphBob

Just watch the episode SideTracked to see why he should get his own show.

I already feel like he is a big part of the show too much

Wouldn't a show about how Perry became an agent and how he met Dr Doofenshmirtz be the best

4 Vanessa Doofenshmirtz Vanessa Doofenshmirtz

She is sexy and smart. Has a good personality and is athletic enough to have an action based plot.

She could fight against the evil

5 Stacy Hirano Stacy Hirano

I loovve Stacy she is hilarious she is my third favorite character (my first two are phineas and isabella) she is hysterical I could watch her all day

6 Katie
7 Major Monogram
8 Roger Doofenshmirtz
9 Jenny Brown
10 Monty Monogram

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11 Jeremy Johnson
12 Carl the Intern

He doesn't have much of a part, but he is such a loveable character

13 Candace and Stacy

I saw the "to future candance" VHS and I think it would be CUUTE to have an spin off series of those little girls having adventures in the mid 90's and recording them in VHS

14 Buford and Baljeet

How they interact is hilarious. TAKE NOTES, Disney! - QuarterGuysApprentice

15 Baljeet Tjinder Baljeet Tjinder

He is dank and has the dankest song give me a grade

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