Best Phineas and Ferb Season 2 Episodes

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1 Chronicles of Meap


2 Gaming the System
3 Tip of the Day
4 Thadeous and Thor
5 Swiss Family Phineas
6 Oh There You are Perry

The song is AMAZING

-Have you notice when candace sing:"And change my name to Larry! " it's mean she's the craziest and the smartest in PnF same as old man Mcgucket
-Have you notice Isabella hug Phineas when Perry came back =_=. But she become "the first victim" when she fall in love with Phineas
Well that end everybody (Bill Cipher say:"Remember, the universe is a hologram, reality is an illusion, buy gold, bye! ") thank you and good night

7 At the Car Wash
8 The Baljeatles
9 Vanessasary Roughness
10 Summer Belongs to You!

This is absolutely the best episode EVER! 'enough said.

The Contenders

11 Atlantis
12 What Do It Do

I liked it. it was nice

13 Nerds of a Feather
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