Top Ten Best Phrases Said Around the World Before Taking a Photo

The Top Ten

1 Olha o passarinho (look at the little bird) [Brazil]
2 Ptičica (little bird) [Croatia]


3 Käsekuchen (cheesecake) [Germany]
4 Mirar al pajarito (look at the birdie) [Spain]
5 Скажи изюм (cheese) [Russia]
6 Säg omelett (say "Omelette") [Sweden]
7 チーズ (cheese) [Japan]
8 Sorridi (smile) [Italy]
9 茄子 (eggplant) [China]
10 Muikku (Vendace: type of fish) [Finland]

The Contenders

11 Say Cheese [United States]

And UK - FefeCat

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