Top Ten Phrases Some Religious People Might Have Yelled

This list is not meant to offend people of any religion but is meant to display what some may have been said in some religions.

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1 The power of Christ compels you!!!

It appears that this line was written specifically by screenwriter and novelist William Peter Blatty, first for the book, and then for the film. No priest or minister has ever said it, other than possibly in reference to the movie.

This is a line that was said in The Exorcist. It is usually associated with what some call "Christian extremism". While most priests have never said this, the line is iconic and has become a bit of a meme. - bobbythebrony

2 Repent or you're going to hell

This is another line associated with Christianity. Many atheists believe that Christians are bible-thumping morons because of stuff like this. While not all Christians are like this, there are some who do. - bobbythebrony

3 My religion is right!


Let's face it. Every religion thinks that it's right and that everyone else is going to hell. Christians think it and Muslims think it. In reality, no one knows if theirs is truly right. For all we know, none is right. - bobbythebrony

4 Death to Infidels!

This is associated with Islam. While I don't believe every Muslim is a terrorist, I do believe those that are live by this code. It's also the supposed code of Isis, which is taking countries like Syria and Saudi Arabia by storm. - bobbythebrony

Oh, charming. I'll go shall I...? - Britgirl

5 Prophet Muhammad is the greatest man in history!

This is said by every Muslim on Earth. Muslims believe that Allah is the only God and Muhammad and Jesus were prophets while Christians believe their God is the only God and Jesus is the son of God and Muhammad was a child rapist. Maybe at the end of time, we'll find out if there even is a God and everyone will then get along. - bobbythebrony

It's true am Muslim this just my should stop watching Fox's messed up.

6 It's not immoral to have multiple wives!

This is said by specific mormons. Not all mormons believe this but there are some that do. When I used to be a Christian as a child, it was taught that marriage should be between one man and ONE woman. I strongly agree with this. - bobbythebrony

According to the numbers in Wikipedia, there are over 15,000,000 "regular" Mormons, who do not believe this.
Wiki also says there are only 6,000-10,000 of the "fundamentalist" offshoot from Mormonism who do believe in the practice of polygamy, so that is way less than 1/10 of 1-percent.

7 Gay people will burn in hell!

This is said by some hardcore Christians. Let's get something straight: While I'm not particularly fond of gays getting married, I have no problem with it and I don't believe the Christian God would send people to hell for something they can't control. - bobbythebrony

The only people that will burn in hell are serial killers, rapists, etc. - Pegasister12

A certain user says this (cough) Toptensfan. - Therandom

8 Atheists are evil!

There is nothing more annoying on social media than seeing where a sweet old lady made a comment about "whatever", and very innocently added "God bless" to her post. Then you see some A**-wipe Atheist immediately post a reply like "there is no god", and want to pick a fight over it. This is happening all the time, much, much more frequently than any kind of criticism of Atheists from the religious community.

These days, it is far more likely that an Atheist will obnoxiously get into the face of somebody of virtually any religion, and begin berating them. Some Christians may make a formal sermon where they hope that Atheists may come around sooner or later, but the Atheists are much more pro-active and relentless.

This is something that I've heard many Christians say. Atheists are NOT evil just because they don't believe what you believe. Learn to respect other people's beliefs and maybe they'll respect yours. - bobbythebrony

I remember how there are those oversensitive Christians who say that Atheits are a devil's spawn. I am not an Atheist, but this is one of the stupidest things I have heard in my life.

9 Allahu Akbar!

This should be number one

This is not shoved down your throat, it is shot into your brain.

Aloha snack bar - Brobusky

Am Muslim I can't tell if this suppose to be funny. I bet my brother five dollars this would at the top...damn it.

10 Satanists are devil worshipers!

As a satanist, I find this offensive. Let's get it straight: Only Theistic Satanists worship Satan. LaVeyan Satanists, such as myself, don't worship Satan. We're basically atheists that believe there is only one God: yourself. Yes, you are your own personal God. - bobbythebrony

That explanation is parsing it a little too close.

To bobbythebrony: What if the Satanists hearing this ARE theistic ones? Would they be offended?

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11 If you're not a Christian then get out of my house!

I added this since my mom has said this to me, which makes her a hypocrite since she is not a Christian. Believing in God doesn't make you a Christian if you don't go to Church and constantly curse, manipulate and bully others. If she really thinks she's a Christian, then she needs to take a long look in the mirror and if she ever truly becomes one then she'll be one that no one wants to around. - bobbythebrony

I am Christian, but while I do believe in God, Jesus, etc, I have trouble following God's rules, and I don't believe some of His rules should exist. - Therandom

This is one hypocritical statement in which I don't want to hear from anyone. I never heard this from my parents. Anyway, this is a great list!

This one to me is by far the WORST thing anyone who is a Xtain could say to a Satanist!

12 There is only one God!!!

It's fine to say htis, as long as you don't go to as far as shoving it down on everyone's throat.

13 The Holocaust is a Hoax

A very popular slogan for certain Islamic leaders to say these days.

Um I here more hard core Christian people say this I have never a Muslim person say this...sorry

14 Cover up those nude statues!

Just a few weeks ago, a prominent Muslim leader visited Italy, and all the historic nude statues were covered up so that he would not be offended.

15 Hallelujah

Robert Tilton (aka the Farting Preacher) yells “Hallelujah! ” about a billion times in each of his videos.

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