Top Ten Pyrrhian Dragons Who Will Probably Play a Major Role in a Future Wings of Fire Story

Gee, that title was long. Spilers for Book 11 (and maybe future books. This is being made one and a half months before Book 12 comes out). Note that this list is purely speculative.

The Top Ten Pyrrhian Dragons Who Will Probably Play a Major Role in a Future Wings of Fire Story

1 Moonwatcher

I LOVE moonwatcher! I really hope that she will be in the next book! And Tui T Sutherland is awesome!

Hi guys its me Tui T. Sutherland I went on here too see how many of you love my books! Thanks for all of your support! Also look out for the Graphic Novels of Wings of Fire, and book 14, The Lost Warriors!

I think she will be in book 14


2 Qibli


He has amazing potential and would be great to see just how well he would react in different situations

3 Tsunami

Ya know, its 2019 now, and tsunami appears in book 12 and book 13.

SHE IS amazing

In prologue of book 12, it says it has Tsunami in it!

I just have a feeling. - Cyri

4 Winter


He's off establishing a scavenger sanctuary, but who knows? - Cyri

5 Kinkajou


YAS YAS YAS YAS! She better be in a future book or I will be SO infuriated! Also, why are there dragons on here that already have a book!?!


6 Peril


I'm reading the first book, and I'm right in the middle. Based on what I've read, it seems likely- although I still have many books to read. - MaxAurelius

She might be helpful later...

7 Queen Glory

Glory is awesome!


I agree

She just seems to have some unfinished battles in my opinion even though shes a queen

8 Sunny


9 Clay


10 Turtle


The Newcomers

? Willow
? Hazel

The Contenders

11 Lynx

Lynxter ship better be real!
-Blackberry of the RainWings

Yeah she so toats gonna come back in - GirlWarriorX

A background character that Tui T. Sutherland, the author of the series, wanted to do more with. - Cyri

12 Umber
13 Jerboa

Book 14 will probably be her point of view... but it COULD be Lynx or Snowfall maybe even Luna or Umber or someone we don't know yet

Jerboa II* - Cyri

14 Peacemaker
15 Luna

Could be her point of view next book...

Yes she deserves her own book and she is full of potential and she’s unstoppable

16 Auklet

She is so CUTE! - ArcticWolf

17 Queen Snowfall

Could be her point of view for book 14!

Wiat wut she still alive lol
-Blackberry of the RainWings

18 Flame

Unlikely. He's had his moments in books 4 and 9. - Cyri

19 Queen Thorn

Probably. - Firemist

Acting sandwing queen - QueenThorn

20 Princess Anemone
21 Foeslayer
22 Wren

Amazing scavenger!

23 Sky

I think this is the dragonet Kestrel so called "killed' I think it's the one with to little fire!

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