Top Ten Physical Features That Make a Guy Hot

There's a list on girls, so in pure mockery of it, here's my top ten lists on what physical features make a guy hot.

The Top Ten

1 Abs

I don't know, I usually find muscles kind of unappealing. But that's mostly the WWE-bulging-bodybuilder muscles I'm talking about. - keycha1n

I personally don't like muscle much, but a 6 pack looks great on a guy. - ToptenPizza

I'm not into guys, really at all, and abs are kind of gross looking, even when on a girl sometimes - Quart

I think they're the grossest muscles. Flat stomachs are good, though.

2 Height

I prefer to date guys who are at least a few inches taller than me, but not so tall I have to stand on my tippytoes to kiss them or something - ToptenPizza

Most boys where I live are shorter than me. But then again I think I might be half giant. - AnonymousChick

3 Eyes

Eyes are the windows to the soul. Brown eyes are the best. - ToptenPizza

4 Hair

Black hair is the best, especially when it is sort of longish and covers an eye or something like that. - ToptenPizza

Hair is amazing. I guess I'm into guys with kind of special hair. - JelloLife

5 Smile

A bad smile can really mess up anybody. - ToptenPizza

6 Skin Color

I always did like pale guys, my celebrity crush is Andy Beirsack from Black Veil Brides, after all. - ToptenPizza

7 Face

Lol so your saying if someone isn't good looking you automatically wont date them? damn people on the top tens are dicks.

Most important of all here.

Face is very important. - ToptenPizza

8 Jawline
9 Back
10 Butt

Call me a pervert, but I like guys with dem big booties and nice asses.

The Contenders

11 Legs
12 Dimples
13 Muscular Build
14 Facial Bone Structure
15 Neck

Thick necks make boys hot, it really turns us girls on :/ - silverdragon

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