Top Ten Physical Features That Make a Guy Hot

There's a list on girls, so in pure mockery of it, here's my top ten lists on what physical features make a guy hot.

The Top Ten

1 Abs

I don't know, I usually find muscles kind of unappealing. But that's mostly the WWE-bulging-bodybuilder muscles I'm talking about. - keycha1n

I personally don't like muscle much, but a 6 pack looks great on a guy. - ToptenPizza

I'm not into guys, really at all, and abs are kind of gross looking, even when on a girl sometimes - Quart

I think they're the grossest muscles. Flat stomachs are good, though.

2 Height

I prefer to date guys who are at least a few inches taller than me, but not so tall I have to stand on my tippytoes to kiss them or something - ToptenPizza

Most boys where I live are shorter than me. But then again I think I might be half giant. - AnonymousChick

3 Eyes

Eyes are the windows to the soul. Brown eyes are the best. - ToptenPizza

4 Hair

Black hair is the best, especially when it is sort of longish and covers an eye or something like that. - ToptenPizza

Hair is amazing. I guess I'm into guys with kind of special hair. - JelloLife

5 Smile

A bad smile can really mess up anybody. - ToptenPizza

6 Skin Color

I always did like pale guys, my celebrity crush is Andy Beirsack from Black Veil Brides, after all. - ToptenPizza

7 Face

Face is very important. - ToptenPizza

Most important of all here.

Lol so your saying if someone isn't good looking you automatically wont date them? damn people on the top tens are dicks.

8 Jawline
9 Back
10 Butt

Call me a pervert, but I like guys with dem big booties and nice asses.

The Contenders

11 Legs
12 Dimples
13 Muscular Build
14 Facial Bone Structure
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