Top 10 Phytor Season 1 Episodes

These are the top 10 episodes of TjeerdX's Phytor series. (Season 1). The episodes are ranked based on the amount of action, character build and rating from the viewers.

The Top Ten

1 Sacrifice

Season 1 Episode 11:

The episode "Sacrifice" gets the Number #1 spot on the list of the Top 10 Phytor Season 1 episodes due to it's amount of action in the episode itself and the first major death of the entire series, Erin. This episode also contained the first appearance of a new villain of the series. - tjeerdx

2 Robbed

Season 1 Episode 6:

The action full mid-season finale gets the second place on the Phytor Top 10 list. This was the episode with the most action of season 1. The episode contained several deaths (including Dave, the major villain of Episode 1 to 6). The episode also included the first appearance of the Dead-Zone. - tjeerdx

3 Dream City

Season 1 Episode 12:

The Season Finale gets the the third place on the Phytor Top 10 list. The episode did not have as much action as expected, that's also why "Dreamcity" is not standing at the number #1 spot. But due to the many character build, cliffhangers and the first appearance of Alkazara, the episode is still high on this list. - tjeerdx

4 Inside

Season 1 Episode 10:

Another big episode on this list, Season 1 Episode 10 contained one of the most exciting scenes of Season 1. All because of this scene the episode gets the fourth place on this list. - tjeerdx

5 Teach

Season 1 Episode 1:

The pilot episode of the series, it did not have much action, but that wasn't needed. The episode "Teach" gets the fifth spot on this list. The pilot episode received the highest rating from the viewers. - tjeerdx

6 14 Days Without an Accident

Season 1 Episode 7:

The mid-season premier gets the sixth spot on this list. This is the highest-rated episode of the second half from season 1 and contains the last appearance of Clarence as of now. - tjeerdx

7 The Solution

Season 1 Episode 4:

Possibly the episode with the fewest action scenes of Season 1. Still, it is not rare "The Solution" gets the seventh place on this list. It was the most "Talked About" episode of Season 1. This all due to the almost kissing scene of Adam and Nia. - tjeerdx

8 Problems from Different Directions

Season 1 Episode 5:

The first episode with a little bit of excitement. This episode was all about build up for the mid-season finale. It contained Erin being forced to leave by Dave and Adam ready up for battle. - tjeerdx

9 Forest

Season 1 Episode 8:

The willderniss episode of the series gets the ninth place on the list. The episode did not contain many character build. It did contain some action, that's also the only reason why the episode "Forest" gets this spot. - tjeerdx

10 A New Home

Season 1 Episode 9:

Also one of the least action full episodes of the season, "A New Home" gets the tenth spot on the list. But, the episode was one of the most talked about episodes of the series and contained a lot of character build. With "A New Home" on the tenth place, the episodes "The Truth Behind Her" (Season 1 Episode 2) and "Leave" (Season 1 Episode 3) did not receive a spot on this list. The episodes did contain some action and character build. But not enough to reach this list. - tjeerdx

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