Outlaw Recalls #4 The 2014 NFL Draft

htoutlaws2012 Intro: The 2017 draft is just a few days away, and I already gave you my thought on what could potentially happen, but for this one I will revisit a past draft in which I remember greatly. This might take forever going down pick by pick so i'll skip around the picks I remember the most fair enough (I do not want to bore everyone to death).

Before the Draft: I remember thinking to myself who would go where in this draft, and funny thing is I ended up watching the movie Draft Day, which pretty much sums up how awful the Browns were, and still are at drafting the right pieces to the puzzle. Yet, it actually shows what a team does, to that I say to myself ''if only they actually had Sunny Weaver as GM.'' I would then later inspect a lot of draft picks. I find it fitting they rated Johnny Manziel the 3rd, or 4th highest QB in the draft. The thing is I saw his bust potential coming, and luckily so did the Jaguars, anyway let's jump into the 2014 NFL Draft.

Thoughts On NFL Picks: Clowney goes number 1 that was expected since the year started actually. While it took him forever to finally have a good season I'd say the Texans definitely had something with Clowney. Now the Rams on the other hand had the worst Offensive Lineman in the draft, projected to fall exactly at 2 which is what happened, and it makes me wonder why Todd Gurley can't have that great rookie season he once had. #3 was an awesome curve ball many people thought the Jags would take the over hyped Johnny football, but no not even Derek Carr, nor Teddy Bridgewater, its Blake Bortles. To be honest Jags had not the best QB, but one who could make the plays when you give him enough time, where many other QB's before him (except manziel were much better than him). Bills trade up to 4 to get who I thought was going to be a dynamic receiver in Sammy Watkins. At first he showed great promise, but if you ask me his not the biggest WR bust ever, but he at least gave it a good try at least. The guy I liked more than anyone else in this draft was Khalil Mack, while he got picked 5 spots ahead what I had high hopes for the Lions going up to get him the Raiders found there self a great player, and to me the best player of this draft. There nothing much to say about Mike Evans, other than he fell where he should be, next the Browns. Cleveland it would made since to pick Manziel here, but instead they pick Justin Gilbert a corner next to Joe Haden, which I first sounds like a good pick, but it really was not at all. Possibly my biggest nightmare of what if's the ''Lions way'' what is that exactly get all that is wrong and screw needs and get best available. Clearly he was not the best player on the board to this day I despise the Eric Ebron pick. The next 3 picks all made there impact for there respective team. Taylor Lewan of the Titans, Odell Beckham Jr. of the Giants, and Aaron Donald of the Rams. All great picks we missed out on over a Tight End of all things. At the time we were already set at Tight End this made absolutely no sense. Ebron is perhaps the biggest Tight End bust next to Kyle Brady of the Jets. Skip down 9 picks later, and Green Bay picks perhaps the most bizarre name I could ever recall in ''Ha Ha Clinton-Dix'' Yeah that's his full name. He is one of the best safeties out there, and Green Bay definitely did it again with a great pick here. Philly trades pick to the Browns, and the crowd literally erupted when Johnny Manziel's name is finally announced at 22. Literally a wet dream to imagine that I figured would turn into one of the biggest bust I could ever recall since JaMarcus Russell. The final Pick of the first round, Seattle trades it away to Minnesota in which they get there game changing QB. Since then he got hurt, but hopefully he can get the starting role back, because Sam Bradford will lead the vikings to mediocrity. The modern Jeff George of the NFL by far, everywhere he goes he can never go to the playoffs. Now skipping to the final portions of the draft. 5, 6 and 7 did not spawn any all time steal picks by any means, but there was one flamboyant player who made the most headlines. If you have no idea who i'm talking about its the first openly homosexual in the NFL Michael Sam. After he waits a long time to see if he was going to be drafted at all the Rams decide to go why not for sympathy. Personally is ridiculously over the top for the 7th round pick no less. I remember thinking why in the world would you show that on ESPN, or no less NFL Network. This gave me nightmares, why did not give backlash for making straight people witness that? You know what let's not go too far with politics, and just say this was wacky draft filled with memorable moments some good, some horrifying.

Final Thoughts: This is how I thought then, and now, while there are many surprising picks in between a few other big names. The draft is best remembered for the massive falling of Johnny Manziel. He was doomed from the beginning, even I figured that just by his troubled partying, and also his money sign. There are many other things you may find in this draft to be memorable, but for me that is the one that solidfiles this draft in a nutshell. Until next time!