Ht's Analysis: Day 2 of the 2019 NFL Draft

Alright welcome back everybody to a very unpredictable night, and this day was kinda more unthinkable than the last, and in the night hour who were looking more like serous contenders and who rose to looking like first class clown in day two?

Like the other night we start off with the Cardinals taking the first pick being (33rd) that is. With what's available Byron Murphy was of their choosing and how could they not to be honest. Patrick Peterson stated he didn't like the way he saw where his team was gong down, and while Josh Rosen has (been dealted with later) there is drama that burns here with this selection Arizona has gotta be careful with the chemistry of these two. B-

Next we have the Colts who got that pick thanks to the Jets a couple of years back. Indy goes ahead, and takes another defensive back off the board in Rock Ya-Sin of Temple. A very cool sounding name that actually fits this type of defense with unknown pieces itself. B

After a major questionable decision on Day 1 Tom Coughlin still had the same exact idea best player available option, and of course what was tarring at him was the biggest story when the 32 players were all drafted the biggest name who was not taken was Jawaan Taylor of Florida, and wouldn't ya know the Jacksonville Jaguars have two projected top 10 players in this draft how did that happen? What's even more intriguing is that many mocked him to go to Jaguars anyways so a win-win in a way? A

San Francisco is on the board starting off with a very good look to their interior being a step in the right direction. However when they got to their next pick I feel very mixed. This feels like Ted Ginn 2.0 when I hear the name of Deebo Samuel out of South Carolina. He'll be an option receiver for Jimmy G, but he may not be that #1 by any means in terms of the go to option. C

After taking a defensive player first round Carolina must go after an offensive lineman next right? At least they did what was right and give newton some sort of upgraded protection somewhere that was needed. B+

Oakland trades back down twice, and now Buffalo is on the clock to take a guy who bounced outta the first round, and magically fell into their lap in Cody Ford of Oklahoma. Josh Allen gotta be loving this a little bit more now his got weapons around him,a nd now some improvements in protection. A-

Tampa bay back on the board after taking the best linebacker do they stay on the defense? Yes they do they go corner, but not what many would expect they take Sean Bunting of Central Michigan. While there are some notable players who have gotten the big time that's very few that pan out like a master of art in this case he has a unfavorable ceiling, and that they passed on many other corners projected above Bunting feels like reach pick. C-

Well Arians was not the only one to have not taken the top corner available Gruden/Mayock did the exact same thing the raider unknown comes back 24 hours later and the praying from above have been answered that they should take Travon Mullen of Clemson pretty much similar reason as the late pick. C

Denver back on the clock after trading back and taking Noah Fant of Iowa now do they continue the offense push? Why yes they do in fact take Dalton Risner of Kansas State. Much needed for Joe Flacco, and yet Denver didn't waste any time to have more clock time to be had. B+

That right Broncos traded with the Bengals to have a 3rd offensive player, and that of course would be quarterback Drew Lock who many fought would fall in the top 10 last minute, but instead falls to the Broncos in the 2nd round well he get playing time time well tell, but they have their backup plan for now. B

Here's where things get head scathing and of course it has to do with my Lions, after taking a very jeered choice of T.J. Hockenson. Now what direction would they go in exactly? Well they went defense, but not in a good way. Jahlani Tavai of Hawaii which mean we have a depth chart Samoan player that is going to be a backup its Teez Tabor all over again only difference is here. I swapped to both NFL Network and ESPN to see if they had footage of his playing footage and neither one had that and just ignored the pick like it never happened that's a massive red flag if I have ever seen it in my life. This is such an S.O.L type pick it ain't even funny this guy is not going to be a day one starter based on what experts are already saying about him as a massive overreached guy who was a round 5-7 pick at best. F

Appropriately enough right after that pick here comes the Packers who had an awful day one philosophy now looking to change those fortunes by taking offense after the what just happened moment of the night. Getting a guy like Elgton Jenkins was the safest thing you could ever do at that point next to your rival who now has no direction in where there going in their pattern where I can somewhat identify yours now Aaron Rogers absolutely needed that one. B

New England Patriots have a pretty chunk of picks in drafts and frankly they can't do no wrong with what they could find deep in the draft. Taking a big corner like a Joejuan Williams of Vanderbilt makes sense in Belichick's scheme of darkness. A-

Cleveland Browns trade up to go get the biggest story of day two slipping down hard and that's Greedy Williams of LSU. He had a ceiling of going from 4 to early 2nd round, but this outcome may work in Browns favor if he improves on his tackling he has the coverage though. B-

Seattle takes the floor once again, and now they do take the pick in this case and take a safety outta Utah which makes sense Earl Thomas gone time to find his potential replacement in Blair they trust just not Walsh of course. B

Next Saints trade up with Dolphins to take the best available center in the draft which for purposes makes a lot of logic here even if you had to give up something Saints did what they had to do even with very little picks they had to offer. B-

Colts take a corner with their first choice now what do they follow up with? A linebacker from TCU and has kinda the same built as Darius Leonard who they took last year. Ben Banogu can be a very good solid #2 anchor on this defense, and one that if his just like Leonard look out you may be looking at a tough team to beat overall with a defense influence on unique upgrades. B+

Minnesota on the clock, and the continue to offensive approach seeing how things didn't work with what Cousins started out with they took a center first now they went with a second insured Tight End which does make sense in a way that Kyle Rudolph could be more of the role he was as a blocker while Irv Smith Jr. has potential to be the more receiving Tight End kinda what Iowa's two tight end set was with the top 2 picks being from them this being the sole bama Tight End taken. C+

Home town team on the clock Titans came away with a interesting first choice they could be risky, but maybe a big payout. Well double down with another steal, and one I fought would of been taken high up but falls outta the top 50 A.J. Brown gives some serious weaponry help for Mariota in such dire stairs that could have come with better timing. A-

Bengals trade down with Denver, and they take Lock so what's the reward here you say? A tight End named Drew Sample who has no sample of video that I saw of kinda like Tavai of the Lions this is a very questionable pick that feels like a round 5-7 pick at best i'm sorry, but it is. F

Philadelphia back on the clock after a no doubt a depth pick in Andre Dillard do they stay on offense or go by the biggest need? Of course they go with the shiny toy in this case in Miles Sanders who fits their offense actually. He ain't no Saquon Barkley but he can be a capable back I will say that. B-

Houston is next in play and after a strange reach of a tackle from Alabama st what direction would the Texans go next?They went for Corner which does seem to make sense seeing Kareem Jackson is gone so in with Lonnie Johnson who popped on the board towards the end as a potential late first rounder falls almost midway in the 2nd round. He could be their nickel three seeing Bradley Roby come into play as well. C+

Texans again on the board side by side, and this time they go for another tackle, and one that I can't say was a reach seeing what was left at that positioning was very few left to take. They take Schaping of Northern Illinois which I get Watson was 62 freaking times just shy of Jon Kitna with 63 they probably should have kept loading up on lineman to be honest. B-

With Tyreek Hill looking like he may not even play this season the Chiefs had one major focus who is the temporary replacement in the meantime? Mecole Hardman could be that type has the same figure just not the speed of course. Chiefs have a lot to overachieve on I will say. B

Philly back on the board after a pretty odd selection of picks thus far, and what more could happen? Well we give Carson Wentz more ammunition in the passing game in unleashing his trusty whiteside (bad joke pun). JJ Whitside while your massively hurt corner just think about that Eagles defense got wounded towards the end, and still managed to not take a corner like a David Long, or a Justin Layne still on the board. D+

Dallas to me had a very soso draft not bad or good just in the middle of just meh to me. They take utility depth up the interior area of the defense getting UCF'S Trysten Hill which I have no problem with them doing that trench was impressive, and it's only getting more scary to try and run against them. B-

Indy went defense the last two picks, and now will they ever go on the offense and help out Andrew Luck? They do, Vick Ballard answers the call with Ohio State's Paris Campbell. A little short, but then again Ohio State seems to almost always produced great wide receivers so he could be the next one among them perhaps. B

Charger back on the clock last pick they took the plug in interior guy from Notre Dame which looks good, and what would they do next? They go safety, and take Nasir Adderly who i'm somewhat surprised to see slid barely picked in the second round. I fought many team would target him based on the fact of who his father was and the football blood he has with history favoring him heavily. I'm not sure about the pick because Derwin James was incredible, and Adrian Phillips is no slouch as the #2 now you have a pretty impressive secondary, and yet I feel Hakeem Butler is a guy that could been right at this pick, but alas seeing Tyrell Williams left to your rival. C

Move over to the other L.A team Rams which waited quite always to finally make the first pick to be known as the ''safety rapp.'' It is a pick that can in a way hold up seeing they needed guy opposite to Eric Weddle, and he can be a good mentor to him. B

Here's were news broke that Cardinals had finally said goodbye to the official bust that is now Josh Rosen heading off to Miami. Meanwhile their next pick was to give exactly what the head coach wanted an air raid weapons for his newly acquired quarterback and he gets the third fastest player from this wide receiver class (Andy Isabella) who has a size concern like Murray. C

Chiefs are back up the board, and after taking Tyreek's replacement they go after Eric Berry's replacement in Jaun Thornhill outta Virginia. They do say they can try to place him at corner if that's the case why draft one, but hey they look to be covered in the deep passing defense that is just not upper close encounters shut down corners are the weak line this team could have trouble with. B

The final pick of the 2nd round belongs to Seattle, and they take what many fought would be a 1st round selection of Metcalf outta Ole Miss, but after further evaluation of the player himself he is considered the worst route runner in his class which is concerning and also the fact his had a history of injuries in his three years with the team. C+

(3rd Round)

Arizona takes the first player off the board in the 3rd round, and it ends being a formidable one indeed Zach Allen of Boston College could be a steal, but after looking at it a little more they have playing at linebacker rather than up front which is where they struggled most was stopping the run. B-

Steelers are on the board last time they picked was way up on the board to get a man pure made to tackle in Devin Bush next to T.J. Watt now would they continue that trend? Instead they go with cliche wide receiver in Dinotae Johnson of Toledo which did produce Kareem Hunt yes, but it seems like whoever the Steelers have drafted at wide receiver (expect
Limas Sweed) that do play a major role in that offense when Ben Roethlisberger is on the field or that James Washington experiment may have been a mistake. C+

49ers back up the deck, and take an additional wide receiver. Difference though with Jalen Hurd he has raw size, and has major upside potential to be waiting rather than have a Devin Hester type guy in Deebo. Hurd provides that megatron like dominance if done like a 180. B

Jets go ahead and take a guy I fought would of gone sooner in Jachai Polite early round three instead of round two in general. Unlike Jarrad Davis who was picked two years ago Polite does show he can provide as a #2 linebacker next to C.J. Mosley. B+

Jags on the clock up and down theory scale showing, and which pin point does that fall in now. I'd say a little bit up addressing the need at Tight End with Josh Oliver of San Jose had very little showing of catching the football therefore he could be their extra blocker. It kinda shows what direction they would go in not taking offense with the first choice going alternative findings. C

Rams on the clock and taking secondary does provide some help against the pass, but now where else could they add utility at? Why tail back of course Rams take Darrell Henderson of Memphis who has quite the explosion to him. Malcolm Brown though ain't a back #2, but it looks like he'll be competing against Henderson while Todd Gurley looks to be the starting tail back. C+

Denver on the clock and after hitting some impressive looking home runs can that streak go more upwards? IT does Dre'Mont Jones of Ohio State many considered an underrated player in that trench. He can look like a day one starter for sure a very underrated steal by Denver who look to have hit the ball park compared to its rivals. A-

Cincinnati up next and they go linebacker, and only one of my colleagues has him going as high as a maybe sneaky first rounder that was not to be instead falls expectedly in the 3rd early to a team that just finally dumped Vontaze Burfict to the Raiders appropriately enough this pick provides must needs capabilities as a day one starter. B-

Da Bears are on the clock the first time in this draft, and with their first they go tail back and grab themselves David Montgomery outta Iowa State. Should be the featured back or could they have another Tarik Cohen with special abilities i'm not sure if you want that you need balance with committee tail backs. C

Bills on the clock and they too take a tail back with their next pick in Devin Singletary outta Florida Atlantic which usually produce some fast players you would assume. If he builds up those muscle calves to infinity strong like Barry Sanders than maybe he can be a big steal for Buffalo. B-

Green Bay back on the board its two for two on defense, and now looks to be had of two for two on offense. Packers address Tight End, and they get A&M's Jace Sternburger. More development for Rodgers to work with if things turn out big or could be flat like many of the other tight ends drafted of recent decade. C+

Redskins have looked a bit impressive so far in this draft taking the best quarterback off the board, and maybe if the heart conditions favor them in Montez Sweat could be a major impact player in the trench. They continue with what they established in day one give Haskins weapons and they found Ohio State's second best receivers coming out and that is Terry McLaurin. Like Campbell those a little undersized, but fair enough to go with if he bypassed his okay college career of course. B-

Sith lord Belichick has already grinning that his looking at pure victory with the likes of N'Keal Harry, and Joejuan Williams selected let's complete that with Chase Winovich. Who has a major pedigree like a Clay Matthews his style will prove to be what Belichick needs to ensure his history is retained far of the national football league. B+

Miami on the clock after getting rosen via trade to Cardinals it seems they made it clear his their temporary starter instead of Ryan Fitzpatrick who will only be backup. Meanwhile it’s appropriate to give him a protecting Guard in Michael Deiter of Wisconsin. B-

Rams may just target utility it may seem, but at the same time that is about all they can do at the moment. Getting a guy like David long is basically your going to either use him as a switch up pace corner or have him be the replacement #2 if Marcus Peters ends up being a free agent bust. B

Cleveland has made it their agenda to target anything and everything defense, and going for linebacker justifies that fact. TakiTaki could be a name could be around, or one and done type pick seeing he must take that role Jamie Collins had for awhile. C+

Vikings originally had the pick by let their rivals the Lions trade up to get another safety in Will Harris. The exact same round Tracy Walker was selected in how many safeties do you need Bob? Not a need, he is not a day one starter his a backup like Tavai, Lions did a horrendous job in day two and that’s hands down this goes to show. D

Ugh… (keeps composure back together) Titans are next up they provide Mariota with a guard in the middle where they were hit more last year giving up 11 sacks in one game to Baltimore can’t have those types of rarities to occur, and gettin Nat Davis could be a boom or bust one to have. C+

Pittsburgh returning another favor pick into a unicorn perhaps getting another Michigan related college player in Justin Layne this could be a huge pickup as a day one starter that could replace Artie Burns perfectly. A-

Chiefs take a nose tackle I can get why, but the issue though could be very short tuggy like arms be that factor. C

Houston back at it for the late time in day two, and they take pretty much a blocking Tight End seeing Darren Fells was signed that might play a role if his the guy who catches most outta that Tight End group. C-

New England back, and take a tail back for what looks like depth selection. Damien Harris is what they look as a tough back like Sony Michel was last year, but the problem here is they had Michel, White, and Burkhead, and include on of the better fullback in Develin there already loaded with what they have to apply pressure off of Brady. D+

Seattle is up next, and they add another linebacker to their roster as if the risky pick of Shaquem Griffin was not enough let’s take a caucasian dude from Salt Lake with two hands… okay. B-

Colts take an extra linebacker which means they were committed to giving Darius Leonard much needed help around him. Bobby Okereke Stanford might be a backup, but may have a chance to be a starter as well. Indy is getting pretty serious I must say. B

Dallas back on the clock to this point like Rams there just going after depth players it looks to be that goes to show when they chose a Guard here in Connor McGoven (Not to be confused with Denver lineman who plays Center) as if Connor McGregor was the biggest Dallas fan well here’s an almost close idea of that. C-

Chargers take a offensive lineman who can play around the offensive line okay as long as it looks useful despite the height being more like a tackle right tackle perhaps long term. B-

Thus far in this draft Jets have been in the middle they have not done anything really wrong with the picks they made, but now the point to give Sam Darnold some sort of urgency of improvement and it is a lineman more less Chuma Edoga at tackle. As I try to preview the Jets offense I can’t see how Bell well run effective, and Darnold could be feeling the heat if this line looks as bad as I envision it being seeing the players assembled in front of them. C-

Actually let’s stay on the offense actually Ravens sure went in a new direction something that feels new Lamar Jackson got his weapon first round. Now he’ll get one more in Miles Boykin of Notre Dame this could be an exciting offense for sure. B+

Arians got real serious with the targeting secondaries right after the linebacker pick. I did chastise the fact that majority of those player are undersized that may play a factor in the season itself especially against certain teams of their own division even. They take Jamal Dean which might be their best player in the newly reformed secondary that’s trying to be patched up significantly after being dead last the last two seasons. B

The G-Man are back, and they actually grab a formidable value pick in Oshane Ximines of Old Dominion. Gettleman is rebuilding, but he is still getting slammed just based off the first pick do I think that’s fair no I do like what he did after the train wreck that was of the first pick. B+

Now we get into the compensatory awarding picks… Buffalo has one, and they go for Tight End Dawson Knox outta Ole Miss. Knox could be their receiving Tight End and Kroft might have been brought as an extra blocker opposite end this could be trendy in 2019 season. B+

Rams one more time and they take more depth this time offensive line in a tackle on the board in Bobby Evans of Oklahoma this would be a trend that many teams would take O-line personnel from that program. C

Jacksonville makes one last appearance for the night, and they took a linebacker who they also took first overall at pick seven. Unless there running a 3-4 defense which I know they aren’t WHY take another linebacker then that’s way too small even. F

Well like the last pick I dislike because of the height issue again 5’10 Mike Edwards? Gardner-Chauncey Johnson was still on the board at that point. D

Now we get to a very intriguing pick that I didn’t think Carolina would do this year, but more like next year and that’s take Will Grier of West Virginia at the 100th pick. Cam Newton knows his body may have its last run in Carolina and all he has been given was one upgrade at tackle meanwhile also giving him a glimpse of what may happen. I don’t know do they not believe in Kyle Allen than the guy who showed you in one game who might be a good backup plan? C-

Oh my apologizes Patriots last pick in day two came here, and it was depth at tackle. I kinda identity with that just in case Isaiah Wynn gets hurt again that could happen so sure Belichick. C+

Finally Vikings hold the last pick in Day two and its a #2 tail back in Alexander Mattison which honestly i’m not liking that fit. Minnesota two years age had a great balance run game with Murray and McKinnon right? A philosophy that worked beautifully there just gonna go full juice if that’s the case just trying to swap with Cook and Mattison will be pretty difficult with this O-line. C

Alright that was a dozie compared to the first day now to wrap this up I will go fuller depth of all 32 teams who I fought stood out, and who will probably regret their picks in due time to come. Stay tuned folks!


I actually really liked the Sternberger pick. He’s a young and athletic target for Aaron Rodgers, and he gets to learn from two seasoned veterans in Jimmy Graham and Marcedes Lewis. - PackFan2005