Some Few Words to New Users

I am not an old user. I joined in late 2015. But I became more active from April of 2016. But from being on toptens for about 6-7 months, I have gained quite a bit of experience. I am not anyone to suggest things like that. But I learned few things. What things can make you a good user or a bad user. So I am writing few things about this. This post is for users who joined recently and will join Toptens in future. I am happy to share my experiences on toptens.

Things You Should Do As A New User :

1. Be Creative:
This is the best thing on toptens. This site has been running for so much time because of the creativity of users. So as a new user you should be creative, original. You shouldn't copy others lists. Make duplicate lists. There are lots of duplicate lists with different titles. And all these lists contain same things. So if you are willing to make a list then you have to use your own idea, not by plagiarizing others ideas. Making same lists for over and over will annoy users. And after sometimes you'll not get many votes on the lists. Because users will start to think that you haven't got any new ideas. So if this goes for long time then even if you make something new, still you won't get many feedback. But if you use your own ideas from the beginning then you'll gain your reputation. And try to avoid "copy and paste thing". Don't copy things from other lists. Use your own ideas. Choose only those lists that you can make. Also add contents that you know about. And not for only lists but you should use your creativity for your posts, comments and other activities on Toptens. Write comments from your own knowledge. Try to write the truth. Not things stolen from others.
Well, there are some lists which give us new ideas. You could use them, but it's best if you write the name of the person that you were inspired by.
As for 2016, most of the good lists have been taken. You can't make lists like "Best Rock Bands". But still there are new lists everyday. Though those lists do not get many votes but those list show the creativity of users. Making lots of lists will help you to earn points. But making duplicate lists for earning points isn't a very good point. Give priority to Quality over Quantity.
Try to make remixes from your own choices. Try to write description on them.

2. Avoid Making Troll Lists:
Troll lists are the worst lists on toptens. Troll lists don't only annoy users but also mislead many people. There could be many kinds of trolls lists. Like pure troll lists and semi troll lists. Pure troll lists mean no one will believe. These kinds of lists make users being hated by others. For example if you make a list of "Top 10 Reasons why NIcki Minaj is Better than Iron Maiden". Then this list can not be defended by any user. Because everybody knows the fact. While the semi troll lists are little bit of different. According to some people these lists will be considered as troll lists while some will defend the list and will simply support the lists for not being troll. For example "Top 10 Reason Why Iron Maiden Sucks".
I know opinion matters. Everybody has his/her own right to say these kinds of things. But you have to understand the circumstances here. You have to know about the history behind the subjects. Not judging them from seeing them by two or three days. And the list's contents should be legitimate, at least some items that can be defended. Not by these kinds of things, Top 10 reasons why Justin Bieber is better than Beatles is because he is hot. These types of items are trolls items.
Apart from making troll lists you should also be aware of adding troll items to other's lists. Because a user tries his best to make a list. But when the list gets ruined by trolls, then it's totally unfair. Just think if that happens to you. Won't this bother you? Yes. So why waste your time trolling some good lists.

3. Don't Get Mad for Attention :
After few days of joining on toptens, when a user starts to make lists, he/she expects for popularity of his/her lists. Then his hope grows bigger and bigger. And from a time he/she starts to think that he should be on user ranking lists. And if he/she doesn't get the attention then he/she gets mad. And this madness may turn him/her to a worse user. Some users start to make troll lists for attention. Some start to send messages to users to check their lists and posts. But sometimes users get annoyed by these messages. It's not fair to force a user to see your lists and posts. They will check your lists and posts if they like. Your lists will always be on the newest lists page. Users simply can see your lists from there. And there are some lists that contain Topten users, that do no appear on the newest page lists.But some users send messages after making these kinds of lists. Well, some users do it for good reasons and some do it for seeking attention. Good or bad intention, not always users will think positively about you. Some may think you are doing this to attract their attention, you are doing this because they will start to like you and will praise you on lists. My suggestion is that do not send messages to users if you make user ranking lists. And also don't add yourselves to user ranking lists.
There are lots of users who do not get the proper attention that they deserve. Some users contribute so much to this site and get less than 50 followers. Even after 2 or 3 years. And some get more than 100 or 200 followers in less than 2 or 3 months without doing anything special. But you should not give much attention to this. You should keep doing your work even if you are not becoming popular. Remember popularity will not make you better or do any good to this site. But your works and contributions will do something good for the upcoming users in feature. Your lists, comment, posts, remixes will help people to learn things, choose good movies, songs, books, games etc. Do not lose hope if nobody is praising you. Do not lose hope if you are not being added on user ranking lists. Do not lose hope if your good lists are not becoming popular. Caring too much for popularity is a mistake. And there will be users who will see your lists. Even if you don't message them. It's common.
And I also suggest that if you are very new to this site then don't start making lists about users or remix user ranking lists from just seeing them for two or three days. And even if you are remixing a user list then you shouldn't add any user to dishonorable mention.
If you add some users on user ranking lists then don't send them messages. Just add their names. And if they see their names then they will most probably thank you. And then you can reply.

4. Be Respectful to Users:
This is one of the most important things that will make you comfortable on the site. Being respectful to others doesn't mean you will write "I respect him very much. He is great....". Being respectful means you will respect every opinion of their's. You will not be disrespectful to them and won't write harsh comments if their tastes do not match with you. You will see many comments that can annoy you, make you angry. But you have to respect every opinion. Not write things like this "Oh, I hate him, he doesn't like this band, he sucks. He is annoying........". Remember, your taste (movie,music or other) will not always match with others's taste. But you have to do everything to keep yourself calm. Well, if there are some disrespectful or meaningless comments or lists, then you have to ignore these. This is the best thing you can do. Even if you want to write something against their comments, lists or posts, then you have to write everything politely. You shouldn't use cuss words and give threats to the users.
And you should not make or write something bad about a user. Or make lists on your profile "Users I hate". And always try to avoid arguments between users. Do not support users for wrong reasons. Even if he/she is your good friend. And do not write anything that may hurt a user's feelings.

5. Don't Delete Your Account:
About deletion of account, you can delete your account if want to. You have to ask to admin for it. But I strongly suggest to avoid this. If you get bored with TopTens, you wanna retire from this site. Simply be inactive. And come back when you want to. But deleting your account isn't a very good thing.

Few Other Things:
Apart from those five reasons you still can do something. It will help you to be a good user.

1. Ask Admin for Help:
If you can't understand a thing. or you get confused with something, or you are being added to a list but you don't want to be on it. Then you could ask admin for this. Just send them messages. They are always ready for you.

2. Moderate Your Posts Regularly :
If you make a post and allow comments then you should moderate your comments regularly. Click "Moderate" on the post section of your profile. It will give you a choice to either approve the comments or delete them. Do what you think is the best.

3. Read All the Comments of Your Lists:
If you make a list then you should read all of the comments on them. Like or dislike them according to your judgement. Reply a comment if a user wants to say or ask something. Don't ignore the comments.

It's not like that I follow everything I have written here. I also fail in these things. But trying these things is a way to become a good user.

Good luck to all of the new gen users of 17, 18 and beyond.


Great post, zxm.
I was a user who tried seeking attention for my lists at first (on my jerk4life account) but later found no need for it. - visitor

thanks - zxm

Goodpost - ProPanda

thanks - zxm

I agree with everything. For the troll list thing, actually some troll lists can be funny, but too many troll lists would just ruin the site - visitor

Yes that I was talking about.and nowdays troll lists are becoming annoying - zxm

Make troll lists to get a follow from the Pugmeister in my opinion - Puga

No - visitor

Claims "DarkenedBrutality", real name Sebastian Iversen, as he sips a latte in his fedora - Puga

Agreed - Arcxia

good - zxm

"Don't make troll lists" they don't even work anymore. Good post. - Martinglez

thanks - zxm

When did you joined? (Month and Year only, not the day) - Neonco31

Somewhere between August or September 2015,but I was completely inactive until 2016,late March. - zxm

I kinda wish someone made this and I saw it BEFORE I became one of the most controversial users on the site. - visitor

I don't know about your previous accounts (cause I didn't know you). But I haven't got any problem with your this account. And also not with the ElectricCorpseSlayer account. And it seems like that your work hard. - zxm

I mean you really work hard - zxm

1. I am not creative
2. I wont make list
3. I am not mad for attention
4. I filled with respect
5. I love this account

i don't have any comment on post to moderate
i don't have list to see comment - visitor

I don't believe you don't have any lists. Cause I have seen some of your lists. - zxm

Yes I made 2 today. I am creative - visitor

What's with all the generation stuff though? I honestly wouldn't really care. If you're new then hi, welcome to TTT. I mean users come and go that's life😅 - Arcxia

I just want that users don't start war between users. - zxm

Unfortunately it's happening now. Users are bothering other users for no reason. - Arcxia

Yes, that's why I wrote here,

" if there are some disrespectful or meaningless comments or lists, then you have to ignore these. This is the best thing you can do. Even if you want to write something against their comments, lists or posts, then you have to write everything politely. You shouldn't use cuss words and give threats to the users." - zxm

True... I really don't understand the point of putting them as your least favorite on your profile and constantly ranting about them. But yeah it's like you said ignore. A lot of users are pretty young or some may have maturity issues or low self esteem. Some may grow out of it though. Good advice overall. - Arcxia

thanks - zxm

Good post I like that your helping others - HollowArrow

I'd very happy too if this writing helps someone - zxm

Good points. I hope everyone keeps these things in mind. - Undistinguished

I also hope that. - zxm

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You're welcome. - zxm

This is good advice - PeeledBanana

Thanks, and I tried my best. - zxm

Great post m8 - BorisRule