Top Ten Pieces of Advice for Online Retailers

Sometimes when you don't have time to go to the mall, you may shop online.

The Top Ten

1 Make everything less expensive
2 Make it look the way it does in real life

How many times have you bought an outfit that looked great, but once you see it irl, it looks terrible! - ToptenPizza

3 Sell more sizes

Stores seem to think because I am skinny, I must need my shirt to be 10 feet tall. There is such thing as a skinny short person! - ToptenPizza

4 Have more of everything

Half are out of stock, the rest have 1 left, of course in a size you don't have. - ToptenPizza

5 Sell smaller sizes

Especially one's for kids, it seems everything except for jeans are 10 feet tall and 20 feet wide, it is so hard to find something that isn't crazy wide on me. - ToptenPizza

6 Don't sell the same thing from another store that costs more

Basically, don't sell the same jeans at a higher price - ToptenPizza

7 Don't sell slutty clothes in winter

In 20°F weather, why sell a tank top and short shorts, I can never find long sleeves in winter, no wonder the 8th graders dress like porn. - ToptenPizza

8 Sell good clothes
9 Don't make dorky graphics

In every single online stores, there is at least one section of corny jokes on shirts - ToptenPizza

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1. Make everything less expensive
2. Make it look the way it does in real life
3. Sell more sizes



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