Best Pieces of Equipment for a Drum Set

The snare drum seems to be most favourite but bass drum has its own value specially when they are two. Hi Hat can also stay at the top numbers and cymbals will not expect any lower number.
Well, the competition is tough.

The Top Ten

1 Snare Drum

Best? don't know. but most needed piece of a drum set. you can't play rhythmic beat on a drum if there wasn't a snare drum. - zxm

2 Bass Drum

Once I wanted to play drums. Only because of bass drum. It's my favorite piece in a drum set. - zxm

3 High Tom
4 Low Tom
5 Floor Tom
6 Hi Hat Cymbal
7 Ride Cymbal

Should be in top 5. I'd say it's the second most important piece after snare. - zxm

8 Crash Cymbal

A crash sounds awesome. Especially with a heavy guitar strumming. - zxm

9 Drum Sticks

The whole drum set is a paper. And drum stick's a pen. - zxm

10 Double Bass Drum

This is my fave piece because in metal (my fave genre) it's used a lot and it sounds awesome. Actually it's my favorite drum sound and I prefer it to the snare drum sound. - Metal_Treasure

I am not a drummer. But Double Bass Drum is not really a particular piece. It's just two bass drum pieces. but yeah, double bass sounds awesome. Gives a darker sound. - zxm

The Contenders

11 Hi Hat Pedal
12 Bass Drum Pedal
13 Double Bass Drum Pedals
14 Stool

Maybe, but stool is just for sitting. - zxm

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