Top 10 Pieces of Zelda Merch


The Top Ten

1 Toon Link Plush

Well, what can I say? I have a soft spot for plushies. (Soft spot. Get it? 'Cause plushies are soft? Ha ha. Puns. ) Seriously. This thing is adorable. Plus it's the perfect companion when you need to get through the shadow temple on your current play through of OoT. Got freaked out by a ReDead? Hold Toon Link close to your heart so you can keep calm and carry on. - DwarfishIron

2 The Legend of Linkstache T-shirt

Link with a mustache on a t-shirt. I believe I have supplied enough information. - DwarfishIron

3 Hyrule Historia

If you don't know about the Hyrule Historia then I'm afraid I'll have to revoke your geek licence. Basically the mother of all Zelda books, the Hyrule Historia is chock full of information and it contained the very first official timeline. So what could top that? Read on and find out. - DwarfishIron

4 Zelda Ocarina

The ocarina of time IN REAL LIFE! Enough said. (Note: does not actually manipulate the flow of time. ) - DwarfishIron

5 Link Figma Figurine

The Figma Link action figure is pretty cool. It's not really meant for actually playing with, so much as a displaying. - DwarfishIron

6 Zelda Wii Remote

The Zelda Wii remote was bundled with a special copy of Skyward Sword. It's a golden Wii remote with the Hylian crest on it plus, it has built in Wii motion plus. - DwarfishIron

7 "Will Cut Grass 4 Rupees" T-shirt

Zelda + Humor + T-shirt = Amazing! - DwarfishIron

8 Hylian Crest Trucker Hat

Woo. Three crests in a row. Remember, this is my own opinion so I'm putting this above the other two pieces of clothing for the sole fact that I stinkin' LOVE hats. - DwarfishIron

9 Hylian Crest Belt Buckle

Same as the t-shirt but on your belt. And I'm pretty sure that we can all agree that belts are pretty awesome. - DwarfishIron

10 Hylian Crest T-shirt

Nothing says Zelda like a Hylian crest on a T-shirt. The only problem is that some of the lesser fans or non fans probably won't recognize it from any game. - DwarfishIron

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