Top 10 Best Pingu Episodes

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1 Pingu Looks After The Egg

The egg causing trouble is very funny

This Is A Great Classic Episode

The pingu dance was sung by David hasselholf

2 Pingu Goes Fishing

This Is A Classic, It's Also Really Funny

Our introduction to Robby

3 Pingu's Curling Game

My brother and I saw this episode, then 10 years later when we saw the winter olympics we were LOL

4 Pingu the Chef

Them cooking popcorn was very interesting. And those 3 baby penguins were so cute!

5 Pingu Plays Fish Tennis

Makes you hungry for fish

6 Skiing

Makes you want to ski

7 Pingu Delivers The Mail

The snowmobile has a fascinating design

Another Classic

8 Pingu's Dangerous Joke

The Plot Is Really Creative

9 Pingu Goes Ice Surfing

It's creative how he builds a sailing sled

10 Pinga Is Born

We Get Some Really Funny Jokes In This Episode

Pinga is so cute

The Contenders

11 Barrel of Fun

Amazing what you can do with one barrel

12 Music Lessons

My first time learning about accordions

13 Pingu The Icicle Musician

Those melodies are actually catchy

A Really Creative Episode

14 Pingu And The Daily Igloo

A Funny Episode

15 School Time

Lobster = coo coo. Lesson learned

16 Pingu And The Abominable Snowman

A Great Way To End A Series

17 Pingu's Admirer

Pingu learns not to be mean

A Pretty Good Episode

18 Pingu's Ice Cave

We see some very fascinating icy landscapes

19 Pingu's New Scooter
20 Pingu's Circus

The first season finale

21 Pingu and the Snowball Fight

It's like a game of war but with snowballs

22 Pinga is Left Out

Pinga in a scarf is so cute

23 Pingu Plays Ice Hockey

Great lesson about sportsmanship

24 Pingu Builds an Igloo

Teaches the importance of teamwork

25 Pingu and Pinga Stay Up

They're so cute in this episode

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